Accept His Will

1:54 p.m.

My Son’s place

Hi Mom,

Thank you for coming to visit me again. I see and know how you’re suffering and how painful all this is for you and my dad. Forgive me for this pain and all other pain you suffered on my account.

Simply know that we often do what needs to be done in the moment. G-d hears your cry and your questions. He watches you very closely. My dearest mom, please accept my answers as if they came directly from him.

G-d took me because it was my time. G-d took me because he is my father and he knows what is best. G-d took me because he loved me. G-d took me because I’m his true son and he needs me too. G-d took me because it was a part of his plan and his desire. He took me because only he can give and take. G-d took me now because only he controls time and when it is activated. He took me because it was his will.

The next question you ask is what is there for you to do now or why did he take me from you and not someone else?

  1. G-d has a plan for you as well.
  2. G-d loves you and is showing you mercy and love if only you are willing to see it.
  3. G-d knows you and knows what is best for you and what your soul needs.
  4. G-d chose you to be my mother. Now he chooses you to become closer to him and me.
  5. G-d wants to hear your voice and your devotion to your children and him.
  6. G-d needs to hear you speak out and be willing to follow what will be shown to you in time.
  7. G-d wants to heal you and love you.
  8. G-d sees you as his daughter and wants you to learn to accept his will.
  9. No one can guide you or save you except him. And by being close to me now, you are closer to him more than ever.

He is your guide and your savior, no one else.  That is why he took me from you. But before that, he gave you me and gave me you. And if he wishes, that can happen again and again.

You and I will have an eternal life and with that trust, we will walk on earth as we walk in heaven. Trust this mom and we will forever be together.

I love you, my dearest and sweetest mom. Hold my hand and walk everyday with me.

Know that you did not kill me or have anything to do with my departure. It is all him and him only. Be well my mom, let G-d be with you as I am with you every second of the day.

Accept his will!

Note: These kinds of messages are making me feel extremely frustrated. Not only what is asked of me and things required of me—I’m not a perfect being. The bar is too high! 

Also, I wasn’t brought up or taught in the religious way. It is just so frustrating to hear all this. This is so not me. It’s one thing to be intuitive, psychic, and/or something along those lines. To see visions or dreams. But it’s another thing to become a priest-like woman.

I don’t relate to the clergy, to religions at all. I wasn’t molded, educated, or wired that way. I just terribly miss my son. In the physical and human way. I miss seeing his eyes, his smile, playing with him, cooking for him and more . . . much more. I just miss him! Therefore, my greatest fear, as a simple mom, is that I won’t be able to fulfill what is asked of me or do something wrong and then would never see my son again

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