Learn to Accept “What Is”


Mom, what’s wrong? Again, things are not happening according to your plan? Again, it is not unfolding as you wanted? Again what you thought would be good for you did not happen? So what???

Mom, you really must learn to accept “what is.”  The point is that you did it.

When it was according to the Divine plan you did it! It came to you and you gave it all.  You gave 110%.  That is all and that is that. Now it’s done and closed.

And now something else is a part of the plan. Not your plan, but the plan that you need to acknowledge and respect.

Take it as it is and move on. Keep going. You are going home. This is what you must endure with your understanding and appreciation. G-d has a plan for you. Remember that.

Soak up this plan.  That is all I can say. Take it in.

Learn to accept it without breaking down, drama, suffering and pain.

Take it as it is! 

The fact is, mom, when we plant the seeds in the soil, it is not under our control to decide which seed will grow or lay dormant. It is not under your control!

I’m always with you forever and ever. I love you.

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