Listen to the Guidance

7:01 p.m.

Finally, Mom, where have you been? I wanted to talk to you all day. I need to share something with you in order to get it off my chest.

1. Yes, yes, and yes. We feel fear only when we are not in our truth. You, mom, was absolutely right when you told me, “Truth is not a matter of convenience.” And then you added, “It is a way (doorway) to our true path.

When we are in our truth, then fear does not exist since the soul knows what is right. When we are in our truth, we are more calm and confident. Yes, it is my shift from moment to moment (clarify), but as long as we’re listening and focusing on it, it will call us.

One thing that truth does not do is hide. Though we may not be able to see it or recognize it right away, it is not because truth is hiding. It does not hide.


2. Yes, yes, and yes, your moral and physical state does not represent the existence of your love or lack of love.

Therefore, in order to carry on with the task and work, you must be in the best shape possible. And yes, you have to learn how to fight for your life. And this time, it’s all about focus. 


3. The heavens want you to know that you’re in the right truck. You will never worry about what will happen next since you will be guided step by step. However, heaven asks that you concentrate on your work ahead and not participate in social activities for they take too much of your time and energy.

Heaven asks you now to limit all that you can. I’m asking you the same. We need to work alone at this moment and move freely. Do not look around and turn your eyes away from the target, which is the completion of this manuscript.

Everything else is destruction. The energy that you are feeling at this moment needs to be focused on work only. 


4. During the work, you shall not worry. Only listen to the guidance. 


5. Mom, please understand that this is pivotal work, so please focus.

Note: When something dramatic happens, we become vulnerable and unprotected. The familiarity of life we lived is gone. Everything is up in the air. But the world around us keeps rolling as if nothing happened without ever being adjusted and without understanding what is happening with us.

Therefore, everything, even the smallest minutia, can push us over the edge. We change forever. The world is not. Yet we still have to be able to navigate what is being thrown into our faces.

I had to become the water within a vessel. Meaning that every body of water, be that ocean, sea, or lake, is shaped by its borders. Water needs to have a container or it will overflow without any directions, bringing only mess and/or destructions around. We need a container, to be maintained and have a shape.

This work became my container. Within its borders, as long I was within its borders—I felt safe and, most important, very close to my son.

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