Announcement – Unbroken Essence is launched!

Today, August 18, 2016, we’re opening the doors to our new Home in Cyberspace – The Unbroken Essence Hub (UEH).  Finally – We are published!

The project -Unbroken Essence is launched! Whatever I was lacking and/or searching for during the most challenging time of our lives- we built for others… as a gift.

My prayer is that now it will help and aid others. This Home was build for those  those, who just like us, are going though their own metamorphosis and their own Journey through the desert of the shadow of death. Those who are engaged in a pivotal Life inquiry against all odds.

Cat is Out of the Bag

The “Cat is Out of the Bag” as the saying goes or, in my case, several cats and a few kittens. I can’t believe that our website will go live in a day or so.

So many hours, days, and years of effort went into this work. Nighttime was not for a sleep… it was all about research, finding right people, Skype conversations, and writing, writing, writing. Then learning, learning, and learning even more.

What a trip! What a jurney! I’m speechless; my feelings are Surreal!

Honoring Elie Wiesel

Honoring Elie Wiesel 

As I was completing the content for this website and getting everything ready for its launch, something else happened that deeply affected me. On July 2nd., 2016, Elie Wiesel shifted to a Realm of Truth. Another beautiful and bright light left this corporeal reality that can be so brutal, so cold, and so dark… if it not for people like him.

Elie survived the unsurvivable and both faced and witnessed, firsthand, the ugly face that Humanity is capable of wearing. He faced its deeds, its indifference, and the depth of its ugliness. After trudging through it all, he is now continuing his Soul Journey in Eternity.