About Dr. Ella


My-iPad-Retina-Wallpaper-HD-Objects(2)-thumbOur Yesterday always ushers us into our Tomorrow . . . contrary to the mainstream belief that our Past is behind us and our Future is right in front of us. This belief says we should wake up each morning and walk straight into a new day of possibilities, leaving our Past behind. 

Yet we are struggling with it. Why?

Some mystical wisdom suggests that the position of Past and Future has exactly the opposite placement in our lives. According to this alternate interpretation of reality, our Past is placed right in front of us, while our Future is located behind our backs. 

That is why we can’t see our Future clearly, yet we constantly find ourselves confronting deeds and memories from our Past. That is why we’re so often challenged with “moving on” to our Future . . .  as we must first overcome our Past. With that approach, the phrase “watch your back” takes a totally new meaning. 

Does it not?

Could it also be the main reason for and explain “why,” while working on a new author’s biography for this website, I felt as if I were seriously choking? 

My Past was now looking me right in the eyes. I had to find a way to somehow introduce it to my Future, in a way that made sense. To make things even more difficult, my Past now had almost nothing to do with the direction that I was taking for my Future

I was done with my Past existence in the world,a.k.a. the life of Dr. Ella.         IMG_0518

My metamorphosis, which started at the moment of the shift of my son’s soul, was now fully completed and irreversible. It took seven years journeying through the Desert of the Shadow of Death, metaphorically and literally speaking, where SaRaH now emerged from the “bones” of Dr. Ella . . . born in a cold, dark, and isolated cave. Under the stars and moon. Nurtured by enigma . . .I was now writing a new chapter of my life—the life of SaRaH . . . Forever Mom and with the path of a metaphysical teacher. With the unveiling of this website, SaRaH was claiming her own place in the world . . . Her name was becoming my pen name for all creative/working purposes.

“Why should I even resurrect Dr. Ella’s life? Does it really matter what she did in her past?” I thought.  

Further, the fact that I’m the worst sales or marketing person you can find, especially when speaking about myself, did not help. 🙂 Thus, I phoned someone I knew and trusted. I needed a soundboard. A mirror.

Within minutes of our conversation, an unexpectedly generous offer was made—“I would like to write my story of you.” A few days later, the document arrived, just as it was promised. One personal story led to another . . . and the life of Dr. Ella came alive once more under the golden pen of those who knew her back then.  

While reading these very personal reflections, I felt like a bride. You know . . . when she is walking down the aisle . . . one step at a time . . . it is a silent walk. Alone. 

Soaking in that moment of anticipating her new life . . . halfway down she suddenly thinks, “What if I trip?” Her trusted escorts are there. She is leaning on them to share a moment, a walk . . . with one friend on each arm . . . more are waiting. Without them, this walk would be so much more difficult.  

At the end of the aisle, the bride’s life before will end—she will never be the same. Neither will her life. The altar awaits her.My-iPad-Retina-Wallpaper-HD-Animals(16)-thumb

For the last time, only here . . . with love and respect for Dr. Ella and deep appreciation for everything that she was able to offer to the world and to who she was . . . Feel free to read this “eulogy” of some sort . . . about the life of hers . . . that is no more. See below . . .

Please do remember that Dr. Ella’s essence forever will remain in her “unbroken bones” that now belong to SaRaH . . .