Under the Moon


imageThis section of the website is reserved for our conversations. There is a story behind why I wanted to create this space for us, for you. Safe. Open. Honest.

It was a dark time. Cold. Silent. Isolated. Time when even drawing a single breath was as painful as swallowing a sip of boiling water. It was time when the only question I had and wanted an answer to was:

“Is there anything left for a grieving mother . . . ?”

I was fixated on finding an answer. No more questions. Just this one inquiry.

What is left for a grieving mother in this world? What is it . . . if anything?

I started my search for an answer. Researching. Reading. Writing also. E-mails went out to spiritual leaders with that one question.

“Who else should know better than them?” I thought, pushing the Send button one more time.

Nothing came back. Not a single response. None. Total silence. Ignorance? I was drowning in pain. Alone. Rejected. Ignored. Forgotten. Not needed.

That is when I promised to myself, to the Universe, to the Higher Energy, to G-d, that if and when I will ever be placed in a position that will allow me to assist, help, and guide those who are in a similar quest, journey, or situation as I am . . .

. . . I will try my best to answer every single question that they may have . . . every e-mail. If only I would be able to survive . . . then I too will create a space where asking will be done easily. Openly. Safely . . .image

I got very clear that time, that an unanswered e-mail or a phone call with so easily promised “tomorrow” . . . that never comes . . . may become the last drop on the scale between the choice of “having the will to live” and “having the desire to escape” in the lives of people who are in devastating pain and suffering.

Many moons later, here I am. Fulfilling my promise. Feel free to post your questions anonymously or not. Have conversations. This is your space. Do as you wish.


After all, if there is nothing new under the sun, as the saying goes, then perhaps under the moon we will be able to discover something different all together.




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