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 imageAbout the Foundation of the Website:

 When I started to do work on this website I knew who would be visiting this site. I knew for whom I was building all this . . .

Therefore, choosing the right team of people to work with became tremendously important. I knew that not everyone was cut out for this type of deep, intimate work. That’s why I wrote the following to one of the candidates I was interviewing:

“Before we start, I would like to stress the importance for this project to be done with a certain level of sophistication, elegance, and deeply felt sensitivity.

“Please understand, the nature of my request is based on a very simple fact—that the individuals visiting this website will be those experiencing tremendous pain and suffering . . . with a certain knowledge that the tomorrow that they were wishing for, hoping for, and working toward will NEVER COME INTO THEIR NOW.

“That their future with their children is now frozen in the past, along with phone calls, holiday celebrations, hugs, kisses, and much more that now they will never know and will not EVER have or experience again. What they knew BEFORE has been totally destroyed and turned to dust . . . together with their own inner structure and often a reason to exist.image

“The true nature of corporeal reality is immediately upon them. No more illusions, game over in terms of hopes, dreams, or any preexisting psychological pretense or hiding out. They have just entered into the Interrogation Room of Life.’ 

 “The unbelievably intense spotlight of darkness is on THEM. And the profound noise of the silence engulfing them now is screaming and claiming their being . . . dragging them into the void. The void. The void. That void that now needs to be filled—but not before EVERYTHING is questioned.

 “With a great darkness hovering over their lives now, everything becomes magnified more than ever. 

“Who speaks with them NOW?  How many personal calls of outreach are NEVER returned? How many so-called friends have run away?

 “Everything now is staring them in the face. EVERYTHING! The wound is open and raw—no place to hide. Winter. Night. Isolation. Death. Cemeteries. Tears. The scream of the soul . . . Yet . . . no voice! Is anyone listening?

My-iPad-retina-wallpaper-Animals(15)-thumb“Therefore, every warm word, everything and anything that is done with love, kindness, and integrity becomes another confirmation that they must fight for their life and for a reason to wake up the next morning. Not everything is dark and lost. These hurt souls and broken hearts . . . must see that, after my own traveling in the Desert of Death, I am still here.

“Different. Rewired.Unrecognizable. But still here . . . And able to create something (a home on the web for us) that never before was on my mind would not the Divine Hand have another plan for me and another direction. Would not even dare. Before. Now—the most important work of my life . . . My life . . . The reason why I am waking up . . . . The reason that keeps me going . . .  my ‘IT.

“Everything in this spiritual home (website) must be done with love and kindness and dignity and taste. Or not done at all. As without kind lovingness, it will be dead on arrival and will not serve its mandate and purpose.

“That is why most of the information on this website is offered ‘free of charge.’ It’s offered as a beautiful gift. As what I am offering has no price in the material sense.

“Love—has no price! Hope—has no price! Truth—has no price! Trust—has no price! Kindness—has no price! We can’t buy anything that has true value!image

“Nothing of what is both REAL and TRUE can be bought! Heart. Soul. Divine Touch. Unbroken Essence.  A paradox—yes?  On this note, I wish to offer you, once more, the time to reflect on the purpose at hand and the heart space required to fulfill the required commitment. After that, if you are still up to the task, lets talk about how we are going to approach it. . . .”

The heightened bar of my requests has withstood all challenges and trials. It was not an easy task, finding the “right people” , my team.

I repeat: it was not an easy path. As the saying goes, Many are called, but few are chosen . . .”  In the process, I’ve met with many; only few rose to the occasion. Yet that bar was never lowered. It remains the same for all at all times. And it became the foundation on which this website now rests.


 imageThe Purpose of This Website:

 Many people have conversations about or consider the question “Is there life after death?” Personally, this inquiry is much bigger and deeper than just an intriguing conversation. For me, this is my reality . . . 

It is not even a belief; it is a very deep, honest, simple knowing. A knowing that can’t be shaken by anyone or anything ever. When we know, when we witness firsthand—that knowing can’t be taken away. That knowing shapes our world, our thinking, and our approach to life . . . beyond recognition.

And I don’t know where I would be today if my son had not come right back to me from the first moment of our physical separation from each other. I don’t know how I would have ever survived had he not held my hand and whispered in my ears the words of support, love, and guidance all during that time.

Without that, and without the Divine interventions that I had experienced firsthand, I would not be here today writing, speaking, and sharing with you. Without them, without my soul, and without help from Divine sources, this website would not exist. In fact, I would not exist.

Furthermore, when I have shared about my work, I hear people saying to me, “This is the best thing that you can do for your son.” 

Every time I have responded, “I am not doing this for my son, I am doing it with him.” That is that!


Therefore, the purposes of this website are as follows:


 Firsimaget and foremost, to share with you the knowledge that was given to me while I was journeying through the Desert of the Death. See Journey, my Travel Journal that is divined in   Part 1,2,3,4.

My son called that knowledge the “New Science of Life.”  It’s presented as a series of travel journal entries in chronological order, with the main lessons highlighted in each entry.

I have tried to keep my own feelings and reflections to the minimum, giving you the maximum “space” to make your own meanings and understandings . . . so you can arrive at your own conclusions. Most of what you will read here could be seen as recordings that  are presented in the most unedited and authentic way possible—just the way they came to me.

This information is divided into four parts (links to parts 1, 2, 3, 4), under the label “Journey Through the Desert of Death.”  You can view the contents either from the main menu at the top right corner of the main page or from the bottom section in the main page (just touch the image with pen and ink; each image will take you to a different part, as labeled).  

That part of the website (Journey . . .), after its release, will not be changing. Although it is not a blog, you will still will be able to post your comments there. However, the answers will be provided in the “Under the Moon”  section.( Forum).

Just consider all this material as if you were reading travel journals. Nothing new will be added. The entries will remain, as is, as long as this website is open and functioning.


Another purpose of my work (this website) is to promote an awareness of an unbroken bond that exists between us and our loved ones, especially between a mother and her child. This bond goes way beyond what our five senses are telling us and what this corporeal reality is showing us and wanting us to believe.

As I stated in one of my articles, when my son left and then came back and started to talk with me in those first few days, he was not coming alone. Behind him there was always a group of many other children of different ages.image

After my son finished speaking with me, they would jump forward, pushing each other. They were loudly talking to me and asking me to do the same thing for them. Those children were asking me to help them connect with their parents.

In different voices, one speaking over another, they were saying something like this—“Please tell our parents that we are not dead. Ask them not to think about us in those terms, and please tell them to speak with us. We are trying to communicate with them, but they are not listening to us.”

At that time, I did not know what to do. I was overwhelmed with everything happening so fast. Neither could I do anything. I was broken beyond physical functioning; I only could focus on my son. So I asked them to leave me. I asked them not to talk to me. I could not talk to them at that time. I simply could not. However, I promised those children that I would do something later. And I did.

I wrote/published an article on the 26th months since the shift of my son; I kept my promise and delivered their message that said the following:  

“Dearest Moms and Dads, your children are hearing you. They are feeling your tears, and they are feeling your pain and words. They are trying by any means possible to communicate with you. Dear Moms and Dads, please keep listening and keep talking to your children. They might not be physically embodied now, but that does not mean that they have stopped being your children or stopped loving and caring for you.

 “I know now for a fact that our children, who are in the realm of truth, not only never leave us but are able to offer a much deeper connection with us. Please remember that nothing and no one is ever ‘lost,’ only transformed. Also know this: they are here to protect you and their brothers and sisters whom they left behind. They are also caring very much for their friends and communities.

 “They are not forgetting anyone. But most important is that your child is your child forever. Our children are the biggest and strongest advocates on our behalf in their Divine Realm. Please know that there are ways to continue your relationship with your child, as I have with mine. There is a way to make a shift from the grieving parent to the parent of a child from Above.

“They want you to fight for your life and to not become a victim of depression, anger, or guilt. There is so much more work left for you and me to do. We must not stop our efforts. We must continuously breathe . . . and walk across that Desert of Death. And trust me when I tell you the following—that Desert of Death, with the help from our children and other Divine sources, can become the most beautiful oasis that you have ever seen.

 “Do not give up. Do not give up your life. Do not give up your children. Do not give away an opportunity to continuously hold the hand of your child, as they will never release yoursimage

The message remains the same today as well. Nothing has changed. Furthermore, continuously offering you an encouragement to keep a connection with your child is one of our main tasks. Our Mission and Purpose.

We hope, my son and I, that our experience, our story, and our journey will not only reassure you to keep in contact with your own child and/or any other loved ones active and vibrant but will also provide you with the necessary tools and information on “how to” navigate that process.  



 Next steps:

To provide support and metaphysically based information for those who are dealing with life-altering events. With a main focus on soul intelligence and soul development . . . on establishing a connection with the essence within our own being that never can be broken regardless of what we are faced with in life. With the release of this website, the creation of related educational tools and support materials, such as books, tapes, and streaming media, will be our next task and focus. We’ll see what form they take…

As you know, each idea, each intention of ours has a life of its own. That’s what happened with the “birth” of this website – constantly evolving, constantly shifting.

On January 14, 2014, my husband and I were involved in near-fatal car accident that left me with severe injuries.

IMG_0426This grievous incident occurred just as I started to feel better.  My health was improving . I felt ready for a next step. I thought that finally we are getting a break… and I even was making terrific progress with the content creation for this website. Very close to be done and ready to be published. Almost…almost there…What can you do?

We were rear-ended by a large commercial truck that was traveling at full speed and ran a red light.  The short story is (I’ll write more later) I ended-up bedridden for the next 18 months and I’m still in active recovery therapy. 

Injured. In terrible pain. Many hours and days of physical therapy, without any medical pain management due to my allergies and intolerance for medications.

Restarting the work on this website became my outlet, my urgent escape from physical suffering. However, I also had to review and revise my entire whole approach to life… and its meaning to my work.

You see, as a result of that very powerful hit by the truck, I was unconscious for about 40 minutes…

During that involuntary “time-out”, I had an extraordinary mystical and magical experience that put me in a state of awe for the next few months. What was shown to me then, and the understandings that I gained, activated an entirely different state of being for me.

It shifted my perspective and seamlessly connected every thought and approach to this work that I had previously been struggling with.

The battle inside me was over…

I did not change anything that was already written in the Journey parts, it’s just that everything I’d been shown while knocked-out opened up yet another layer and level of understanding for me. You’ll likely go through a similar multi-level consciousness experience as you explore this material.

It’s like a well-written children’s book where the meanings and understandings shift at different ages. As the story unfolds, many other colors and shades, that we didn’t previously see, notice or even understand, become clear. That’s the natural progress of our soul development: AWARENESS.

I learned certain lessons along the way in the creation of this website, one of which was to not be “fixed” in attitude . . . and let me add, that’s not at all an easy for someone who, astrologically speaking, is a fixed sign.

Please explore, enjoy, and cherish YOUR lessons.


 imageLast, but not least. This purpose is a constant reminder to deliver one of the most important messages:

That if we can’t see and connect to the Energy (G-d, Divine Providence, Invisible Force and etc.) when we (you) are in pain . . . then more likely we will not be able to do it at any other time. Simple like that!

Therefore, I can only urge you to take the pain you are in right now and use it as a direct pipeline for your soul to finally be freed, transcended, and seamlessly connected to its source. The time is now!

Without that connection, we can’t truly shift our life and walk our true path. This is the secret to how we walk away from a shattered life into a soulful living . . . into freedom!  And do please remember another side of that coin (message), that regardless where you are in your “trust” zone for the Divine (G-d), you are always an important particle of the matrix, the web, that is created.

That part of you is always connected to the energetic wave of kindness, which energizes everything that is alive in the Universe.  Even a flower or a bee, without any doubt, exists not only in higher worlds, but also in this realm (world).

The realm of darkness and illusions . . . which we came to shift and make it lighter. And even if you can’t see it or feel it at this present moment . . . it is still there, and it IS present.

We can’t see electronic waves of any kind without the proper equipment, fax machine, e-mail reader, Internet browser, iPhone, iCloud, etc. However, they still work regardless of your level of technical knowledge, “trust,” belief, or feelings about them. The same principle is at work here, as regards the existence and function of the energetic web of kindness. Its intelligence does not depend on our ever-so-limited abilities to understand it, touch it, or accept it. And our beliefs have no effect whatsoever on its existence and availability. It’s still there.

That’s all; you can start connecting to it anytime you are ready and wish to. When Unlimited Kindness in its ultimate wisdom meets our limited mind, the conflict of perception will always be there . . . yet so is an opportunity for us to transcend.

That is why we are here today!


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