Divine Mother – visit #11


Hi my dearest mom, I miss you very much, but I cannot speak to you right now because Divine Mother is here. Please listen to her, as she wants what is good for both of us.

 Conversation with Divine Mother ( excerpt) .

My dear daughter,

Pain has entered

into your body,

Soul is screaming : “Help !”

to us.


We are listening to your whispers,

We are watching you unfold,

We are caring and loving you.

Even if you do not care

for you.

You are here,

In pain and sorrow,

In desperation,

lost and alone.

Without light

To guide you forward

Waiting for us

to come,

And tell you

what to do

And where to go

and how to be.

What is wrong!

I cannot tell you

What is not right.

But I can ask

a simple question

What do you want my dear?

Where do you want to go?

You are missing

your son,

But you are missing

your life too.

The life that must be

Full of joy and pleasures,

Celebrations and dreams.

The life of service 

And fulfillment 

That will only come

After you accept

my will

And find me in daily acts,

And see me in

every movement

of the air and fruits on trees

Learn  the compassion of my actions

Listen to my whisper,

Accept my love

Accept my care

Accept my will

And you will be healed.

Stop fighting with me-

Fight your mind.

Embrace me in your life

and you will see

The marvels of my will,

The magic of my act

And beauty of your life.

My dearest,

dearest child,

Be well.

And read again what

we have said today,

control your mind 

and let your soul soar

Stop your worries,

Stop your fears.

It is done.

It is over.

Come home

to us!

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