Tell Me Your Truth


Hi Mommy,

It’s me. How are you today? Look, we really need to talk mom.

Make a list of things you always wanted to do. It does not matter how it sounds to you, just put it out there. Make a list, like a wish list, for your soul.

I will help you, just please don’t over-analyze.  Just write it. I need you to do that for me.

Mom, remember that you and I are very similar. You and I are very much alike.

Keeping that in mind, I need you to write down what you would tell me if you were about to die in a few minutes. Remember: be honest. I’m listening.

Tell me your last thoughts and visions right now. ( Note: And so I did. I wrote exactly what  he asked me too. It took all of me to do so. Try!)

Mom, thank you and I hear you.  Take a break; we will talk later.

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