Testing your faith


By seeing you and how painful everything is for you, I now understand more and more how painful life on Earth can be.  I need you, mom, to continuously trust that everything will unfold, as it should. 

The important thing is that you continuously walk your path.

Trust your intuition, visions, and dreams, and keep working.  Don’t stop.

You  need to stop torturing yourself about my departure.  Do you hear me?

Absolutely nothing could have changed what had happened.  It was G-d’s will. The only protection is protection by Divine Providence.

I love you mom, but you must listen to Divine Providence.  Accept it and then you will be shown your way. 

I know this way is not always easy, but this is your path and your  trial.  The Divine Providence is testing your dedication and devotion. They say :  the faith that is not tested is an empty faith.  

When you go to Israel, feel it.  Listen to it.  Just go and feel it.

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