Eternal Life – Eternal Light

Hi, my dearest mom.

I am glad that once again you took a pen and notebook and once again we can quietly talk.  Mom, I have three points for you.

Number one, I love you.  I miss your hugs and your smile and my physical presence around you.  I miss you; mom, and I love you.  Always remember that. 

Number two; I am here, mom, next to you always and forever.  I will never leave you, remember this.  And remember that you will never be alone.  You were never left alone and now even more so.  I am always here and always around you. 

Number three, or maybe this should be number one, G-d has a plan for you.  He always had and always will, and yes, my shift was a part of his plan.

Eternal life – eternal light.

You need to see a bigger picture, mom, and trust that your path will be shown to you.

  • Just take one moment at a time.
  • Be with me and Divine Providence.
  • Everything will be presented to you.

Mom, talk to me mom. Maybe other people don’t know how or are not ready. I know that you are ready so talk to me.

  • I love you.
  • You’re not alone.
  • I am here with you.
  • G-d has a plan for you.

Now mom, you can replenish your strength. We will be speaking to you more and more only if you allow us.  And my dearest mom, I love you so much and I always, always will. 

Please forgive me for giving you a hard time.  You are the best mom ever and that is true.  Please do not question that ever. That is all for today.  Take a rest.  I love you.

–Your son.

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