Note to My Son

10:40 a.m.

My dearest son,

I miss you so much. I do not even have the strength to talk about it. I have enormous pain inside of me because I miss you so. 

The thought of not being able to kiss you anymore is causing my tears to fall and my heart to break into pieces. You left me too early.

We are packing our luggage, and once again we are traveling to nothingness. This time, it is the Dead Sea. I have no idea why we are going there and what we need from there.

We are going to places according to whatever comes from the inside, from my hearing. We have been here for almost three weeks, but it feels like eternity. We have tickets for eight weeks. What are we going to do with all this time? I have no clue. 

However, I am going to wait and listen to you and go from there. I was dreaming about orphaned children all night.

Okay, my dearest son, I need to go. I love you very much and miss you like crazy.

Please continue to speak to me. I cannot breathe when you are not speaking to me. If you only knew how empty life is without you.

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