Preserve Your Light


Hi my dear mommy,

I miss you so much.  We have not spoken for so long. I know that you need your time.  I know that you need your space.

Now, firstly, let me tell you, mom, how important it is to me that you trust my stories, presence, words, and most of all, me. The level of trust that you have changes or has a dramatic effect on the energy field.  I will not go into the details now, but trust me mom.

Note : My level of trust had tremendous effect on how we were communicating. If I had less trust, it was more challenging for my son reaching me and delivering the message that  I needed at that time.

Secondly, I need you to let everything unfold as it should regardless of what is happening around you.  Just remember: G-d has a plan for you; G-d has a plan for us.  

Next, let’s talk about the message: “Eternal light. Eternal life.”  You already covered most of the facets of eternal life, but here is the list:

Eternal life consists of the following elements:

  1. Commitment to listening
  2. Speaking and following the truth
  3. Bringing compassion to the situation aka lifting suffering of others and yourself.
  4. Creating, creating, creating: poetry, paintings, and everything else
  5. Last but not least, loving loving loving, caring caring caring.

In the end, it does not matter how many people loved us.  What is truly important and what actually makes a difference is how many people we loved and cared for.

Our focus needs to be to love and care for others. It’s not about how many people stood up for us; it’s about how many people we stood up for. 

If you are all that, then you are living eternal life on earth by bringing eternal light into every situation.  And because when we do so, life gets so much tolerable and beautiful.

Because we’ve talked with you before, mom, the key or essence of the game called Life is not fairness.  It’s about who you are in whatever the situation is.

Life is not about fairness. The main focus is the preservation of dignity, integrity, and the innocence of the soul.

 If we are able to preserve these, then whatever we’ve lost physically or emotionally or in any other way will turn out to be a gain instead.  In facing these challenges, we will have our dignity, integrity, and innocence untouched, which then makes us so much wealthier, richer, stronger, and bigger.

If we are able to preserve these, then whatever we’ve lost physically or emotionally or in any other way will turn out to be a gain instead.

Then the light that radiates from us becomes brighter and warmer. That is why you have to fight for your life mom. That is why your life matters.

By living your life as you do, being who you are, and bringing eternal life into eternal light while you are still on earth, you are able to ignite the lives of many others and push them to do the same. And that is how eternal light continues its shine in this cruel, harsh, unfair, and broken world that we call human life on earth.

That is why we must do anything possible to prevent the dimming of our lights in facing challenges and not to shine away in the face of adversity.

We cannot afford the dimming of our lights.  It needs to be brought up to its fullest spectrum. Those who do give light have to endure the burning.

I love you, will talk later,

Your son.

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