I Am Here


My darling mom, have you noticed when we don’t talk every day you go crazy?

On one hand, I do not want to take up your time with all this training. You are under enough pressure as it is. (Note: He was referring to the training I had to go through in order to teach on online.)

On the other hand, you are starting to feel abandoned and that is not true. Just because I am not coming to your dreams does not mean I am not there. Just because we’re not writing does not mean I’m not here.

It only means that the field of illusions of earth is thick, gloomy, and heavy, and sometimes you drown in it. But I’m here next to you, and I love you so much.

I will never leave you!

I know that you’re in pain. I know that you’re suffering. And I know that you’re missing my brother and I terribly.

I know all that and I know much more. So my dear mom, please feel me, hear me, and trust me.

For that I am here; my soul and my spirit is here. I love you. Take care now.

–Your son

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