Tzfat Again

We traveled to Tzfat by taxi. Very nice drive. The taxi driver happened to be on his way home to Tzfat. So he happily agreed to charge at the cost of the bus fare.

I felt a strong need to go back to that bench at the small military cemetery that was located right above the old cemetery. This time I was bringing a rock from Lake Kinneret to put on that 18-year-old soldier’s grave.

We went straight to that cemetery. After placing the rock on the grave, I once again sat on the bench. Sitting on the edge of the cliff with wind in my face and breathtaking beauty all around me brought peace into my soul. I was sitting in total silence.

The sun was preparing to set. How long was I sitting? When suddenly I heard a voice that I already knew. I was asked again to take notes. So I did. Below is a recorded conversation. It took almost two hours. Right into the sunset.

4:30 p.m.

From the Spirits of Tzfat:

Welcome. Welcome back. Energize your inner Kinneret with our spirit, love, and compassion. Tears of many have fallen on this land. The cries of many are heard in the sky. We the spirits of Tzfat are here. We the spirits of Tzfat are here ready to talk, wish, bless, and complete. Hear us. Hear us.

Hear our message from Tzfat,
We told you once
Eternal life—eternal light
We asked you once
Come back to us
Now we are telling you
To go.
Go in peace
Go in harmony.
Go and live.
Take what is given
Leave what is not yours
Drop what is not yours.


Fill your life with warmth
Fill your life with compassion
Stay inside your community
Stay inside their hearts
Your son is fine you should not worry
He’s here with G-d.
Your son is fine,
And you . . .
You come and sit
And you wait to hear us
And yet you know everything you need to know
And with that which
You know
Where to sit
Who to listen
Where to take
And that what you
Need to embrace
That which “you know.”
And “true”
That G-d has a plan for you.
And “you know”
You know what is poison
You know what is not
And that is that
“You know”


Therefore you shall
Trust the truth of
Unfolding path and
Wait and see and
Know where to go.
And now the time has come to end
And you shall go
With light in your heart
With love in your life
With soul that knows.
We bless you from here
We wish you the best
Remember this day
Remember us
The Spirit of Tzfat [Here the spirits became united]


Eternal life—eternal light.
Till we meet again
Shalom and goodbye
G-d bless.


That was it. And as the sun was setting lower and lower, my husband and I said our goodbyes. I knew the time of us returning back is unknown and that for this trip this was our last time there.

We returned to the bus station, and we headed to Jerusalem for one last time. I knew that we had to go back to the Western Wall.

Note: The Spirit of Tzfat is a united singular voice that delivered a singular massage, as if there was one speaker speaking on behalf of the group. That is the voice that invited me back.

The second time around, there were several voices that sent me different messages. I felt like I was speaking to the group. Every voice had something important to tell me.

The best example is to imagine a council of sages; every sage has something wise to say. After each of the voices gave their individual messages, they became unified again and delivered the unified message of “Eternal life, eternal light.”

There were at least 10 voices. That is when they told me to remember them as the Spirit of Tzfat and as a community of sages.

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