Work on Your Inner Kinneret


Hi, my mom, welcome back. Don’t be sad, mom, if you don’t know what is in store for you. Just know that G-d is compassionate and everything will be all right. 

Have more trust and hope that G-d has something special planned for you that do not involve pain and struggle. I want to thank you for the gifts you brought to me. (We brought balls of salt from the Dead Sea to put on his resting place). 

I know, mom, that this transition is not easy for you by any means. One day we will all be together again.  Remember that we are not going to lose each other.

Mom, you are the center of our family.  Therefore, it is very important for you to keep the right perspective. The right perspective is:

G-d has plans for you.

  • G-d has plans for all of us.
  • Divine Providence is compassionate and good.
  • You have family.
  • You have a community and you need to have a place there.
  • You need to work on your inner Kinneret and take the drama out of life.
  • Take the “salt” out of your life and concentrate on creating your own Dead Sea so you can heal.


You can only heal if your Kinneret is balanced by the Dead Sea.  We will talk more about it later.  Just remember you need to focus and take responsibility for your life. 

You have duties to fulfill and one of them is to be a mother.  You must remain in a healthy lifestyle.  As you see, I’m giving you a lot of musts and have to’s. 

Anyway mom, the most important things for you are to be aware of and know that you are loved very much so. We love you mom.  We all love you.  Please take care of yourself and trust that.

Divine Providence wants what is good for you.  Please adjust your inner sadness to inner confidence.

Be my Lake Kinneret, mom. Make your soul my Lake Kinneret.

I love you mom. Time to go.  We will talk soon.

Your celestial son—always.

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