“Trust that You will Walk Again”


I know that you are feeling very low today. I don’t know what else to tell you. I’ve already told you everything I could in regards to my shift.

I know that you love me, but what else can I do for you?  This is our destiny.  Regardless of how much you love me and how much I love you, destiny is destiny.

G-d gave you to me and took you away from me. At least we spent 18 years together.  Some people don’t even get that.

Plus, you can hear me and I can hear you. Consider that like our own Skype, free of charge.

In regards to my departure, you are not guilty of anything.

You gave me everything I needed. You gave me your love.

The truth is, I don’t think anyone could have reversed what happened. I had to go, it was the will of G-d.

Would I like to be next to you right now? Sure!  Would I like to be next to all my friends and family? Of course. So what?

Is it hard for you? Sure. Is it painful? Absolutely. But then what?

You have your path and you must walk it. That is what is called Life.

Who said it would be easy? You must trust that you will be able to walk.

This is it, mom.

You can cry as much as you need but then you must start to smile. Please start to enjoy your life with me, I am watching you from above.

I need you to be joyful. If you cannot do it for yourself, then do it for me.

I want you to be my mom, the mom I knew before. Bring my mom back.

I need my mommy. I want my mommy. Mommy come back, I am waiting for you in Zero Degree of Deviation.

Find me.

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