Divine Mother – visit # 10

11:35 am

Mom,  I am very happy you are going to Israel. You cannot be more close to G-d than you will be in Israel. Don’t be afraid of your journey. Do not worry. Divine Mother wants to talk to you.

From Divine Mother ( excerpt ):

My lovely child,

Listen to me, your mother

Let your soul be in peace.

Let your mind be in rest.

We are watching you,

We are hearing you,

We know where you are,

We know where you heart is,

We know where your pain is,

We know where your mind is.

Stay with me my child,

Stay with me,

I am your mother.

Listen to my voice,

Find my heartbeat.

We are one, you and me,

You are one with your son,

He is fine,

he is here

Saying ” Hi ” to you.

Have no worries,

have no fears.

Count your blessings,

New world is near.

There is no end

There is no death

There is no stop

There is no Hell

Only love and compassion

from above.

You might not understand,

You might not see all,

You will need to trust,

to accept and know

It is all a part

of the plan.

The program is running,

The tests are set up,

The choices are available,

The freewill is on.

We play by the rules,

You play by the truth.

Follow the truth and

you will never lose.

It might not be easy,

It might not be fast,

But it will take you

on your own true path.

Cry, baby, cry

Pull out your heart,

Cry, child, cry

That is part of life.

Time will change,

And you will love.

Cry today,

tomorrow is another day.

Pack your bags

and go light

Free your mind

and open your heart

Your son is with you

And we are watching over both of you.

Breathe and live

New future is here

Be patient, be kind, be humble

Be loving, be graceful, be you

Do what is needed today

Do what is needed right now

Love with your open heart.

Live with your open mind

Trust us and walk your path.

Live, love, trust

–Your Mother from above

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