What Is Right for You?

9:48 a.m.

Hi Mom,

I’m missing you so much. We did not talk all day. In regard to your trip to Israel, I suggest you leave all worries to the Flow and in the hands of Divine Providence.

Mom, you, by yourself, need to practice my theory (Zero Degree of Deviation). Well, not my theory, it is the universal theory, which is another version of truth, destiny, and free will

Interesting how free will is about the willingness to let our creator into our lives. The paradox is that free will is given to us, yet the source of giving is not allowed in our lives very often.

In other words, we accept the free will, but we do not accept the giver of free will.  

Mom, think about this paradox.

That is why asking for what is right for us instead of what we want specifically is one of the best approaches to asking for anything.

This approach is humble and receiving. “What is right for me?” has another underlying meaning.

Look, here is a formula for understanding the underlying meaning of “what is right for me?”:

  1. What is right for me? where “Me” = “We” (because we are all connected and affecting each other).
  2. Therefore, the answer to the question “what is right for me” becomes the answer to “what is right for you?” and for “what is right everyone else?”
  3. It becomes right for the collective soul as long as that “right” is received in the right way (according to ZDD).


Here’s a practical example: You, Mom, asked the universe, G-d, and Divine Providence to provide and give you what is right for you. Yes?

And then I left. How can this be right? 

In the mind and eyes of Earth, that is the worst thing that could happen to a mother—to you. In the eyes of illusion, you are right. 

But look here, Mom, if your soul’s purpose is to bring this knowledge to humanity, then what happened to me was right for humanity, and my shift was needed in order for you to fulfill your role. Yes?

Now you’re qualified to provide this need. Therefore, when whatever is right is and given to us, then it services not only us, but everyone else as well . . . if number 1, we receive it in the right way, and number 2, we are able manage it and maintain it well.

I too, Mom, ask what is right for me. And here I am, serving G-d from above with my “right” giving to you an opportunity to do your “right” by serving G-d below. 

When I use what is right for me and when you use what is right for you in the correct manner, then we form a very strong team serving Divine Providence and getting everyone ready for a shift. 

When you fullheartedly accept what was given to you and accept that I was not taken from you, then you and I can start to work together. 

Now you need to learn how to accept what is right for you and what was given to you with all your heart and mind. Accept the will of Divine Providence. 

When you do so, then you will be able to affect others with “what is right for you” just as I am affecting you with what is right for me.

When I accepted what was right for me, it changed you forever. Not only me! It moved you and made you more real than ever.

What was right for me, Mom, was the most compassionate act made for you. That is my gift to you. It will release you from your suffering and give you an opportunity to be happy. 

Thank you for all the sufferings you tolerated in order to give my soul the opportunity to be on Earth; thank you for your love and for being the “right” mother. I always accepted what G-d gave me, and now you also have a second chance in life to be free and to be you. 

Mom, accept this opportunity. It is a gift! 

Note: How could I accept this as a gift? This is and was the most challenging concept among everything else that I was told and shown.

More likely you will struggle with it too. This is not an easy piece of pie to swallow. 

Having my son for me was one of the greatest gifts that I received. As I am sure your child to you too.

When he told me what you just read above, it made me sick to my stomach. I did not have the stomach to digest that idea. At that time? Absolutely not!

I even developed ulcer. Embracing all these and answering the question “How can this be right for me?” is a quest of the soul.

Long, long process with lots of soul learning, labor, and hard work. Daily! Therefore, living with the answer, whatever the answer may be for you . . . with any answers . . . is a courage

*Spiritual growth comes at a very high price! 

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