At My Son’s Place

11:11 a.m.

Note: After all the experiences I went through, I could not see my son’s departure as death. So words like “cemetery,” “death,” “loss,” and other similar words that mean a permanent end are not used in my vocabulary.

I absolutely could not utilize vocabulary that described physical death, simply because it was not true to me. I chose to address this entire situation from a different reality. From a soulful approach.

With a new reality, the vocabulary shifted as well. Therefore, instead of the word “cemetery,” we called it “my son’s place.” (By the way, the image that you see here is the picture that I took while we were visiting our son at his place.)

Without any doubt as a mother, I absolutely knew that my son, his soul, is alive but in a different form. The vocabulary that my husband and I started to use was from the new reality we chose to live and function in. 

Hi, Mommy, so you came to visit me again. I understand how difficult this all is for you.  I can see everything and there is nothing I have not told you. 

I love you very much. I am very sorry that my exit caused so much pain to the entire family. Mom, I’m deeply sorry, please forgive me, but this had to happen. If it wasn’t suppose to happen, it wouldn’t have happened.

So a new Jewish New Year is starting. This is not an easy time for you and there will be challenging times ahead.  With that, remember that Divine Providence has a plan for you.

Talk to me. Ask me. Consult with me because I am always around you. Soon we will all be together again. You must have faith.

What else? I really want you to take care of yourself, Mom.  You need to eat right, sleep, and rest. Please don’t worry about anything. 

Just stop worrying.

I understand it is much easier to say than do, but it is very important not to get stressed out and worry. Just take your life and give it to Divine Providence. 

Then, just walk, step by step.  I will be walking right by your side. This is all I have to say to you today. 

Thank you for coming to visit me again.  Please come again.  I will tell you when. Now, go home and know that I am walking next to you.

I love you XO—your celestial son.

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