Celestial Child

Hi my mommy, hi my dearest.

So, today it has been five earthly months since I became a star (celestial) son. I see and know how hard and heavy this note is for you. 

I can see how much pain you have in your heart. I can see the sorrow, anger, and devastation you see in your broken home.

I can see a question from the nervousness asking, “What is going to happen next? What is going to happen to us?”

I can see all of it and I want to tell you the following:

  • I will not allow anyone to hurt you, mom. I am praying for you and dad, because we are still a family and you are still my earthly parents and I love you both very much.  Both of you are very near and dear to my soul. I will protect both of you. I will always safeguard both of you.


  • G-d has a plan for you. Do not fear. Do not get stressed. Do not plan anything. Just go moment by moment and do what is right for that moment.  When you are able to do that, you will be able to see the hand that is guiding you. And I am going to be right next to you. Talk to me.  Console with me.  Let’s decide together as we did before. We are family and together we will be able to conquer and endure everything that stands in our way and this not so simple earthly journey.


  •  Learn not to rush what is happening.  Don’t do anything ahead of the time. Listen moment by moment. Hear the moment and everything will unfold.


Talk to me.  You really need to talk to me, mom. Listen to me, hear me, and remember we always were and always will be a family. 

You are not alone.  You have your own star, celestial, divine family. You have me.

The entire universe is loving and taking care of you.  Remember that you are not alone. I love you, kiss you, and hug you

–Your star child.

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