The Sum of Love and Healing


Hi mommy, hi. Here we are again, you and I on yet another white page. What will that page become? What that empty space—that container—will hold? What will we write? What will we birth? What will we bring to this world with you listening and I speaking?  What is there left to say?

We have been talking nonstop for four and a half years. What else do you need to know? We must conceal some truth yes? You know this right? We must leave certain portions hidden. It must retain its magnetic force that will continually attract souls to self-discovery.

It will keep the seeking souls on its quest. The founded treasure is a lost treasure. Paradox, yes I know. In the end, the journey of discovery is more valuable than any treasure box regardless of what is inside because those inside jewels means only one thing—end of journey.  Humanity is far away from the end. And same with you.

Therefore I think at this point I have shared with you everything you need to know.  Everything that needs to be shared with others as well as at this time.

That does not mean we will not be speaking to each other any longer. We will. I’m not going anywhere. What it means is that now we need to polish and structure it. Most of all you must apply it to your life every day, every minute.

Without an application, it will remain just a theory and just an interesting story.  Mom, please do not get sad. This is not a goodbye. I’m not leaving you. Not now. Not ever. But we are coming to a closure for this part of the journey.  We must reach higher.

Now we must complete this work. Now this part will soon be over. The work is shifting and the project is changing, but not our connection.

If anything, it will become stronger and deeper, but now we will have to go into the world. You must get ready to face the world and offer our work.  You cannot remain where you are.

I know it may feel scary to you. You may feel doubtful and not ready.  I say yes, you are. You must start to push your comfort zone. You must challenge yourself. You must walk over every doubt and fear and we will do it together.

You must keep healing your body. You must keep healing your mind, but you must engage in what is necessary at this moment. Shift your load of work.

Do not search what is new. Do not wonder around. Focus and bring our project to an end.  End of the project does not equal end of our work.  Our work is just starting.

You must become stronger and more resilient with a higher level of endurance. For this be more disciplined, focused, and sharp. Talk less, write more.

Fear not—act. You are in a realm of action. Act. Act in serenity. Act in calmness. Act in confidence and peace. Just focus. Just focus. Just focus. Just focus. Just focus. Just focus  That is the key for today. That is the key for tomorrow.

This is it. What was given to you—what was revealed to you—treasure, organize, polish, pack, and offer it.  What was given to you is healing water for souls and hearts of many. Do not pollute. Keep it clean, clear, and simple. Do not overthink. Let it flow. Let it flow. Do not interfere.

You shall listen to me with your heart.  You shall listen to me with your soul. You shall be calm with awareness and know that I am not going anywhere.

Stay away from angry people. Stay away from those who lie.  Stay away from unnecessary meanness, manipulations, trickery, desperation, rage, and lies.

Trust your heart. Trust your soul. Trust the plan.  Trust our love. Trust you. Trust me. Trust us. Trust the guiding force. Trust the whisper of the universe. Trust. Trust that we are together. Trust that you are never alone.

Trust that your life is the meaning of love.  Trust that your life is precious.  Trust that you are a gift. Trust that without you the world will be emptier. Trust that you still have work to do. Trust that you are guided. Trust that you are watched. Trust that you are protected. Trust that you are nourished, loved, and adored.

Stay away from mind games and from dark corners of doubts and fears. Stay away from false sweetness of compromises, easy way outs, and from crooked ways that can sneak up on you in times of challenges, sorrow, tears, and crisis.

Do not fear your tears. Do you fear your happiness. Do not fear your trust. Do not fear your convictions. Do not fear our love.

Accept your day. Embrace your hour. Respect your life.

Hold my hand.  Rest in the palm of a hand. Speak with me often. Write with me everyday. Think of me forever. Love us in eternity.

Fight for your life. Fight for us. Fight for what is right. Fight for what is dear. Fight for what is true. Fight for what is yours. Fight for what is ours. Fight for what belongs. Fight for what (who) is lost and weakened.

Restore the dignity of your life. Restore the peace and balance in your home and family. Restore your place where you belong as the mother of our family. 

Safeguard your heart. Safeguard your soul. Safeguard your integrity. Safeguard your work. Safeguard your tongue. Safeguard your memory. Safeguard those you love and those who are in need of protection.

Work everyday, do not look back. Work everyday. Do not fear. Do not question. Do not critique. Work everyday. Move forward. Move ahead. Work everyday with focus, stamina, and purpose.

Your Life has a value—remember that.
Your Life has a meaning—remember that.
Your Life has a purpose—remember that.
Your Life is a treasure—remember that.
Your Life is for living—remember that.
Your Life is for loving—remember that.
Your Life is for healing—remember that.

Your Life is for fixing what is wrong, shifting darkness, bringing warmth and beauty where you are—remember that. Remember You, Remember me.  Remember Us, Remember Love.

Remember Stars. Remember Full Moon. Remember Roots. Remember Your Song. Remember your Music. Remember Your Place. Remember your Time. Remember Remember Remember.

Act from your heart.
Act with your soul.
Act in togetherness, you and me.

Work. Focus. Purpose. Truth.
Integrity. Kindness. Grace.
Compassion. Endurance. Unity.

That is the sum of love and healing.
Be blessed with all that.

I love you

—your son.

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