Blind Spots

4:04 p.m. 

Note 1: A bird bird died in our backyard. “Why?” I wondered. “Is it a sign? Is it a message?”

I noticed a bump on the window. The bird thought it was opened. It thought it could get in.

What was it trying to tell me? 

What kind of closed doors and windows do I fly into? Why did it want to get into the house and out of its realm if its freedom is in the air? 

Am I that bird that walks away from freedom? Or maybe another death is upon me? Where is my blind spot? Where and how am I losing my life and freedom? Is it about me?


My dearest mom, my love, my nurturer, you are an albatross of the sea and a dolphin of the waves. Your freedom lies in your heart and the strong connection to me, the supernatural, and to G-d.

The attributes of our soul, the love, kindness, and compassion, are the levers of your widespread wings. With them you will never lose your freedom.  They are the compasses of the heart that keeps you on your path.

The blind spots hidden in our psych makes you think you cannot do it. You can spend all your life trying to discover them or you can accept them by knowing the following: When you are down, blind spots are up. When you are drained, in pain, or struggling, blind spots are on its way. If you are suffering and feeling like you’re drowning, blind spots are on its way.

Blind spots are places where there is no light, but if you bring the love and compassion to your soul, you will see very slowly the fog being lifted and the clarity of the path resurface. 

Once again you will be on your way and the blind spots will disappear from our shining essence.

You being a swimmer all your life and swimming in a wild sea and ocean, you know the rules: do not fight the waves and if tired, just lay on your back and let the waves carry you.

Lay on your back, Mom, and let the waves of life carry you for a while. Your blind spot was that you forgot there was no reason to fight the current.

Lay on your back, Mom. Catch your breath. Refocus and let go the useless hope of knocking into an old closed doors. Your focus must be on your soul, the new path, and new journey.

The chapter of new life must be written of you, me, us, and energy of love, and energy of a loyal mother and her children.

Death is not upon you. Death is not upon you. The wind of changes is here again. Let’s focus more on our project. Let’s focus on work, you, me, and on us.

Lay on your back, Mom, rest and know: I am with you.  You are not alone.  The bird that died in our backyard is just a sign to be aware of the blind spots that can hurt us if we are not consulting our soul in the direction of our path.


Your son.


Note 2: The next day, my friend called me with a terribly sad news. She said that this night her recently divorced son-in-law committed suicide. I knew her son-in-law. We spoke on the phone a few times. Could not believe it! It was a horrible news. Heartbreaking!

He jumped from the roof of the hotel where he was staying. After several days of drinking and gambling, very early in the morning, he made a choice to end his life. In the prime years of his life!

Just like a bird, he flew into the darkness of abyss in the break of a new dawn. The main difference between him and the bird is that animals do not have free will as humans do.

So when we humans received our souls and thus free will, we also got responsibilities. When given the choice of life or death, we commanded to choose Life.

Regardless of what we face, regardless how challenging our situation may be and how unbearable life may look and feel, we must continuously fight for our life even if we are fighting our own wounded ego.

We must survive the Night of the Soul . . . we must, we must, we must . . . we must wait till the New Dawn will unfold. It will!


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