C) The Garden of Love

Note: I was given a vision that showed me the Garden of Love and how to get there. It was a breathtaking vision. I can tell you it was “beautiful.” I can say it was “amazing,” and I can use other words . . . but nothing will be able to bring forward what I saw in that vision and to do justice to what I saw.

However, I can tell you this much: if we keep crossing the Desert of Death under the guidance of Divine Providence, we will be led to the Garden of Love.

Since I had the vision, I now was able to bring myself into. Since that day, the place became my place of healing. Since that day, I made a habit of drifting to that place before falling asleep. Since then, that garden became a place for my son and me.

The cold and wet caves of the Desert of Death were slowly leaving me and becoming landmarks of the journey that I once was taking. Or maybe it’s me who was leaving them. Passing them on my way. Something that once was on my path. I still had lots of respect for them; they provided me shelter and safeguarded me as well. They, those caves, were my place of birth. That is where alchemy of Becoming took its place. They will be there for you too.

Yet we have to be very aware that we cannot request a faster process or ask for the process to speed up. There is a set pace. There is a time for everything. We must respect the process.


Mom, our work will take place not in the Desert of Death but in the Garden of Love—in paradise. You shall come and visit me in this garden so we can work. The paradise is located at the other side of the broken heart and hidden door that leads to the peak of mountain, which links Heaven and Earth together.

From that garden, we will work and talk.

In that garden we will live

In that garden we will meet

In that garden we will dwell

In that garden we will prevail

Over the illusions

I want you to make this garden your home, your place, our place. That is where I want you to spend most of your time. Here is where you should go back when you are in trouble or sorrow.

This place was shown to you for a reason. This place now belongs to you too and you belong there. Learn about this place and make it your/our home. The more time you spend there, the healthier you will become.

 This is all for today. I love you, take care.

~Your son


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