I Am Life


Mom, first – stop. You are running in many directions at high speed. Secondly, listen. Listen to me.

Yes you trusted me before, but not as much as I am asking you now. That is the point. You did many things right, just not 100%. Now I need you to make a choice to choose life and be in it 100%.

If you say that you trust that there is a plan for you, then trust that.  Trust that 100% and endure the unfolding of that plan.

Endure the wait, the unknown, the necessity of not having expectations and a feeling of being “short-given.”  That is not good enough for you is it? Learn how to walk and be thankful for everything.

Very often you were scared, having a panic attack only because the phone did not ring the same moment you were waiting for it. The fear, the doubts, and the pity are products of a different reality—of a different chair experience. 

You cannot have both any longer if you want to go with me. That old pattern only does one thing—it destroys you. It breaks you apart. It kills anything that is trying to take root so you cannot have a new life.

That keeps you in insanity mode where you are repeating the same mistake over and over again. If you want that to stop, if you want to rise and have a new life as I think you must, then choose life.

Choose life with a very simple guideline and stick to them 100%. You must have zero degree of deviation if you want to succeed.  Is it easy? Nope it is not.

I’m not promising you easy. I am promising you results.

You will have a result – you will have you… if you will choose to fight for your life. The biggest enemy is your old pattern, old habits and shadow self that was projected on you by your old life and environment.

You must break the system in which you are in. You must break patterns of thoughts and behavior. You must let go of what no longer serves you. You must face truth.  You must face it alone and be willing to walk alone. Alone with me.  You cannot have company. You cannot have partners in this.

This time around is not about your family. This time around is all about you and you only. This is about you choosing life on the way home.

It is about you giving up everything you have and knew before the candle of your life blows away. It’s about you dancing your last dance, singing your last song, and writing your last chapter. 

It’s about dancing with wings behind your back. Singing as a leading voice in choir.

It’s about completing your journey on earth on a high note and coming back home with wealth in your hands. Choose life and live it with your back straight and chin up till your last breath.

Choose life and walk the path that was designed for you and you only. No one else.

So, own it. Walk it. Breathe it. Accept it. Embrace it. Adore it. Enjoy it. Treasure it.  Love it. 

Be grateful for every moment, be that pain or pleasure or be that receiving a gift or feeling as if it is being taken away.

My dearest mommy, I am with you all the way and I am waiting for you too.

Choose life, mom. Choose you. Choose us. Choose mom with all your heart and all your soul and allow it to flow through you.

Stop fighting life and start fighting for you. Start fight For life.

Stop resisting the goodness and walk away from fear. There is no more time to wait. There is no more time to waste.

Choose life, choose it now. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let your new life begin.

Let go of false security. Let go of your fears.  It is a free fall from this moment forward. You are watched and cared for.

Say it mom, say it. Without any expectations. Without any fears or doubts. Without any waiting or wishing. Without any planning.

Say it : I choose life. I choose as my creator designed it for me. I choose my fate and destiny and no one else.

I choose my life with open heart and a vivid soul. I choose my life with faith, gratefulness, and trust.

I choose my life with everything in it till my last breath. I choose my life for better or worst and I trust my life and soul to the hands of my creator.

I wish to live my life to its fullest as it was designed for me. I choose my life. I choose my life.

I choose my life. The life that is given to me. The life as it is given to me. The life that is promised to me.

I choose life, I treasure this gift. I am grateful for this gift. I honor this gift. I choose to have this gift.

I was given an option to choose life or death. I choose life.

I choose life. I choose every drop till the last drop. I choose life.

I choose life—I am alive. I AM LIFE.

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