Place of Awakening


Mommy, mommy, oh how difficult it must be for you to be in your truth and be in G-d’s way. I know how it may feel ….as if  everything is being taken away from you and everything is falling apart with no light at the end of the tunnel leaving you in pain and suffering, but that is not true.

  • It may feel as if everything is being taken, but the truth is that everything is being given.
  • It may feel as if all life has become ashes. The truth is everything is asleep like seeds, waiting to grow and bring about a new harvest.
  • It may feel as if that sickness and pain is taking hold of your life. The truth is that old wounds, pains, and sufferings are about to be dissolved and healing will take place.
  • There is no limitation on what Divine intelligence can do for us.

The point I’m trying to make, mom, is that the illusion of the material world, which is dark and empty with limited potential, can creep in on us and gain the upper hand as if this was all.

This, however, cannot be farther from the truth. When you hold my hand, you hold the hand of Divine love. That love has no limitations or boundaries.

It will take you from where you are and put you where you should be. It will point you to your place and mark you for certain deeds.

When you are in Divine love, you are constantly under protection of it and directed and guided by it. With Divine love, there’s no room for fear or confusion.

You are given visions and are directed and marked for it to turn the Desert of Death into an oasis where travelers can nourish themselves and gain knowledge. 

The Desert of Death is the place of awakening and change. It is the perfect time and place for Divine intervention. 

Listen to the whisper, see the glory.

Fear you not, fear you not

Garden needed, souls are crying

Truth will surface, rain will come

Words of truth will be spoken

Will bring healing, nurturing, and love.

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