A) Stop Waiting


Stop waiting for whatever you are waiting for. If you keep waiting you will be disappointed.

  1. Stop waiting for someone to behave in a different way when he or she has not changed for the last 40 years. Don’t you think 40 years of waiting is enough?
  2. Stop waiting and thinking that he or she will get it and everything will change. Is 50 years not enough?
  3. Stop waiting and wanting and hoping.
  4. Stop waiting for phone calls, emails, or just something. Stop waiting.

If someone wants to call you, it will happen without your hopes and waits. It will happen when it’s time. It will happen not because you want it or wished for it; it will happen on its own terms, not on your desires and wishes.

You waited for your children to grow up, so now what? Do not wait anymore for anyone or anything.

What are you waiting for? For a better day or better time? This is your better day and this is your better time.

This is it, like it or not, so learn to like it. Stop waiting for anything or anyone. Stop it.

Your waiting started here. Your waiting now stops here. Do what you can do today and that is that. Let people surprise you instead of disappoint you.

Be content and be complete with what is. Don’t wait for your grandchildren to be borne. Just know that it will happen when time is right.

Stop waiting. Stop wishing. Those who call do not keep you waiting. Those who don’t, why wait for them?

Don’t waste any more time on waiting. What are you waiting for? Do what you think needs to be done. Do what you can.  Do it today. Do it now. Don’t wait.

Free yourself from the web of illusion, useless and unnecessary weights, silly hopes, and empty dreams. Replace a life of weights and hopes for a life of what is and a life of faith.

Trust that whatever should happen will happen. Trust that whatever you shall receive, you will. Stop planning your life around other people. Stop stopping what you need to do because you are waiting for others. Stop stop stop.

Everything boils down to you supporting your life and not waiting for others to change, get it, call, be something, and do things.  Do not wait.

Stop comparing what you would do in this situation to others. They are not you and you are not them. Do what you need to do when you need to do it.

Stop waiting, wanting, just stop. Let everyone go. I’m here with you, waiting for you mom. I am, mom, waiting for you. Why do you want or need anything else? We are enough. You and I, we and G-d, must be enough.

You’re never alone. You’re never in need. You are never ever not cared for and watched over.

You must learn to be content and be enough. You are enough, mom. You are, in fact, just as you shall be. If you were anything different, it would because you have to be.

Do what you know and when you know, and know that you are enough. Know that you are enough and plenty for me.

You must be enough and plenty for you. I love you, mom. I am with you. Now be with me and let everyone go. I truly mean everyone. Let them go and let us be.

Do not question anyone. Do not wait for anyone. Don’t fight for anyone. Don’t question, don’t wait for anyone, don’t ask for anything. Just stop stop stop stop.

Just accept whatever the wave of life brings to your shore. Try that. Just try. Just learn how to receive. Trust that the universe will send you everything you need. Let your struggles and fears melt away.

We are together, I will protect you mom. Please let me protect you. You did that and so much more for me. Now is my turn. Let me take care of you.

Let me hold you in my arms now. Let me deliver your needs to you. You mom, just rest. Leave the rest to me. Please trust me.

Just take a breath and let everything go. Everything and everyone. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Let me take away the weight from your shoulder. Take everything off your shoulder and allow me to take care of that load.

Mom, you have done your share. That is all. Let it go and just be. Just close your eyes and rest in my arms. I’m here mom, waiting for you. I love you

~ your loyal son.

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