Fight for Your Life

1:51 p.m.

My Son’s Place

My mommy, my dearest mommy, I love you, so please remember that you will always be my crazy and weird mom. There is nothing else more important to me than your health and smile, which I loved and still love.

Do not cry or agonize over me. The Divine Providence sees all and so do I. I will safeguard you.

Fight for your life, mom. Fight for your life means telling the truth as you know it and not letting the world take that from you.

True slavery is when we keep our souls silent. If our souls is kept silent or imprisoned by other people’s truth and political correctness, then the energy of Divine Providence cannot flow through us.

Think about this mom. Really think about it. When you speak in regards to Divine Providence, you are claiming their existence and bond.

The existence of a Divine realm drives out the secular way of life, which is completely based on the idea that we are G-d.

 Note: This part of our conversation brought me to thinking about our education and the way society wants us to think.

For example, the story of Pygmalion. In that story, Pygmalion created a statue of his ideal wife and fell in love with it. Then he asked Aphrodite to make the statue come alive. She, Goddess of Love and Beauty, pitied him and fulfilled his desire.

Based on that story, the self-fulfilling prophecy theory was developed, also known as the Pygmalion theory (Pygmalion effect) that is now widely offered in the core curriculum in universities. With the future application in the workplace. Mainly to influence workplace behavior through performance reviews.

Back in Russia, I studied Greek mythology, so when my professor related the story of Pygmalion to business, I saw a problem.

The problem was that according to the narrative of the story, Pygmalion did not make the statue turn alive; Aphrodite did. So it was Divine intervention that helped Pygmalion in the end. The desired outcome came not as a result of a human’s efforts, but as a result of Divine Will.

Yet in the theory, Divine intervention is not present or acknowledged. Making us, humans, at the top of the power hierarchy. Making us all powerful and fully responsible for the results.

So I questioned my professor, “How could this mythological story be turned into a theory if the main character is not acknowledged? How effective would be the results of the application of that theory in practice?”

Without Aphrodite, there is no story to tell. The essence of the story about the power of a prayer, human’s efforts, and Divine help and protection. It is about the ongoing relationship between heaven and earth. Between us, humans and Divine.

And if someone does not believe in Divine and its intervention—fine. But then make your own stories and legends. Use them. Apply them. So in my opinion, this theory is bogus and useless. As a matter of fact, a similar thing happened during the creation of Marxism-Leninism. Surely, there was no answer to my questions. No refunds as well. 🙂


So, Mom, let me in. Let my free spirit help you write. Let me in. I can only do this if you choose life. Any sign of resigning will stop my entry. Until you fully choose life, there is not much I can do in regards to our work.


Your son.

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