What is Grief?

 Around sundown

At My Son’s Place

Humanity has to learn how to breathe. In American culture, death and grieving is suppressed. The proper way of grieving is through spiritual development.

In fact, it promotes a spiritual development on a much deeper level than anything else. Grief is a direct path and a door to G-d. Indeed, it is a direct path from G-d to us.

When we are in pain that is when G-d comes to heal our broken hearts. That is exactly when G-d’s love pours between the cracks.

That is the perfect moment for us to evolve to the highest goodness of all: compassion. Compassion is when the pain and needs of the other person becomes more vivid and pronounced than our own pain.

That is the moment when we have to make room for someone else in our hearts. That is the time and place for surrender to Divine will, love, and compassion. That is the time when we need to learn how to accept the kindness to others.

That is the time we must learn to offer our kindness to others in a selfless way. It is a time for communities to be built. It is a time for new seeds to be planted and developed.

If we cannot walk through the Valley of Death in the proper way, then we cannot walk through the Valley of Life.  

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