My Life on G-d’s Lap

9:09 a.m.

Hi, my dearest mommy, to you I speak, whom I love. Our time to be together is getting closer. You can hear me better, and I can relate to you better.

Note: My work for the last two years was focused on establishing a solid communication with my son. Having him being able to hear me better meant that I did something right that was a result of following his suggestions and directions. And if you will follow them, I am sure it will assist you too.

However, this is what you need to keep in mind. We all know that any relationship is not a one-way street. And every relationship is different as a way of communication goes.

I may have visions as a form of communication and/or I can hear energy. But with others, it might take on a different form, such as doors opening, sounds, lights being turned on, etc.

Every relationship is unique. If a mother says her child is not speaking to her, it might be that she is expecting the wrong kind of communication and not paying attention to what is there.

Leaning how to communicate with your child for some may take more time than for another. Do not ever compare yourself with others. That is not healthy and not accurate. My suggestion: focus on your own process. Allow your child to guide you on how he/she will want to communicate with you. Follow the lead of your child.

I love you, Mom. With you, I live. With you, I breathe the nectar of challenge, which is bitter and sweet and sour, yet velvety and kind. The cup you drink from is not easy.

Mom, your life is mine and mine is yours. We are never separated. When you are looking for the purpose or painfully asking what to do, remember this: just listen to the Whisper.

Your purpose is as clear as the sky. Just love, nurture, protect, and speak up. You must also listen. Now listen to what I am about to reveal to you.

My dearest mother, I honor and respect you. I ask you to put G-d first. He should come before me, your pain, and us.

You are created by his will, loved by his mercy, guided, protected, and watched by his wisdom. To think that you are not needed, that you are a mistake, or that you have no purpose and place is not only wrong, but also insulting to his plans and creations.

“Your life landed on your lap,” you said. Now, Mom, you need to rewrite this.

“My life landed on G-d’s lap. I have given my life to him. In his hands my life now rests, and with that I trust and trusted. And as I lie on his lap in my lifeless body, weakened by pain and grief, with my limbs hanging in the air and head bending towards the back, just as the body of a severely wounded child, I feel his arms collecting me and carrying me to the place where I can be healed. I see myself in G-d’s hands.”

That is what you need to write, Mom. Let him breathe in a new life to you with clear purpose and mission.

I am holding your hand, Mom. In his arms, we rest. I love you.

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