Together Forever


At My Son’s Place

My dearest, mommy, once again we’re together. We are together forever, united by love, truth, trust, loyalty, dedication, and devotion to each other.

Nothing can stay between us, mom. You and I are one. Our oneness is the beacon of light. There’s nothing you should not be sure of or not confident about.

Yes, I’m real and I am here. That is that. With that, Divine Providence is here too, seen or unseen. And with that trust, Divine Providence will make us a breath.

I know you don’t know what that all means, but that is not very important. Just know that we know and trust that. You, my dearest mom, just rest. Take care of yourself and let us be.

Let Divine Providence work wonders in your life. You are under his and my protection.

Fear you not. Worry you not. Rush you not. Trust. Walk. Listen. Be patient. Be content. Be humble. Be listening. Be speaking. Be a healer…

…but most of all, be my mom…my weird and crazy mom. I love you, come and talk and listen again.

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