Embrace the Rainy Days


Mom, we truly need to start trusting life, its force, and its process. Remember:

1. Everything is set in motion.

2. You were pulled from a darkness before and it will happen again.

3. Trust that your life will bring you everything you need and will take away everything you don’t need.

4. Focus on Zero Degree of Deviation and trust that. Without proper focus, you will not make it far.

5. You must develop endurance for setbacks or rough patches.  They are part of the process.  Embrace them in the same way you embrace the smooth rides. The rainy days must be blessed and embraced the same way as sunny days. Nature does not have bad weather, only those who cannot weather it. Remember that?

6. Trusting life and the giver of life is the key not only to every day life but the overall process. The process is so intricate, multi-dimensional, and complex that it becomes very simple. That is the genius of the design.

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