Serenity and Kindness

You see, mom, now? What is important, mom, is that we will meet again in this broken world. We will find each other again and again.

We will wait for each other across time and space. Our love will keep us together. Now go to your life with this memory and with even more awareness than you ever had.

The vision of the tree and your home will follow you wherever you go. The divine love, loyalty, and mercy and its ultimate wisdom will always carry you.  Take this vision and plant it inside. Allow the root system to grow inside of you and connect you to the genesis. Bring all this energy to your inner world and imprint it in your DNA once again.

Now with full awareness and knowledge, come back to this place regularly and charge yourself.  Then share this calmness, peace, serenity, and love with others. Through your thoughts and the voice of your soul, you will be able to bring much needed kindness, sincerity and love to this world.

Be with me, mom.  Come to this tree as often as you wish. The doors will always remain open to you. This is your home. You’re always welcomed.

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