Vision of a Tree


A few days before, the message from the spiritual realm was that my case is closed and I am free to go to my life. First, I did not know that I had a case. Or that I was a case for someone. What kind of case, may I ask? Second, I was under the impression that they (whoever they were) were done with me with whatever needed to be done. Yet, to my surprise, I was transported again or given a vision—I do not know what is the most accurate description here—back to the waiting room. The room that was leading to the offices.

Once again, here I was sitting and waiting for something. Alone. All this was making me nervous. Why would I be called again, if it was clearly said that my case is closed? The vision stood with me for a few days. It was not progressing. Just me sitting in the waiting room. That is all.

On Monday, March 19, I was awakened by a phone call at 8:00 a.m. by a neurosurgeon. He was calling me in regard to my MRI scan. He was referring me to do a biopsy. I knew at that moment that I would not be able to do it due to my newly diagnosed intolerance to medications. 

So . . . while trying to process the details of my conversation with the neurosurgeon, I still was able to see myself sitting in that waiting room . . . when the door of the office got slightly opened. For a moment or so, I was not sure whether I should just sit there and do nothing and wait or it was an invitation to come inside.

IMG_0966The vivid feeling of knowing that I am about to be shown something came over me. The magnetic pull from the door was now vibrating in my direction.

I turned my head in that direction and saw a light coming from underneath the door. At first I only saw a very bright light, but then the door disappeared, and the brightness settled down.

Now I was able to see very clearly. Right there I saw the most incredible vision in front of me. It was a vision of a tree. It was simply breathtaking. Remarkable!

At first, I did not know what kind of tree it was. I did not understand what I was looking at. When suddenly I just knew it was the tree of life, light, and souls. I did not know “how” I knew it. No one told me anything.

It was just inner calm and peaceful knowing. Not right away, but with time, the understanding that this tree represented the purest form of life also entered into my consciousness. With that new understanding, I now was able to see small balls of light and energy moving up and down.

Some of those sparks were falling down, and some were rising up to the tree. The tree was dripping with its illuminating energy. I kept IMG_0930watching and could not take my eyes away. It was a magnetic and majestic vision.

The more I looked, the more knowing about this tree was coming to my awareness. I don’t know how long I was standing there and how long it took, but at some point I knew that the sparks that were rising up to the tree were souls coming home from their journey on earth.

They looked like morning dew, and their movement reminded me of lava lamps. Those that were falling down from the tree were the ones who were about to start their journey on earth.

As I kept looking at the tree, I thought that somewhere on the tree was the soul of my son and possibly souls of my future grandchildren. Then I also noticed aisle of other trees behind it, but they were not as bright as the first one. 

I did not know the purpose of the other trees. I still don’t. It felt that whoever was showing me this wanted me to pay attention and learn only about this particular tree. So I kept focusing only on this one tree and kept observing.

Being present at the tree brought me a sense of peace and goodness. It was such a beautiful and serene tree of life, light, anIMG_0948d soul. Then I noticed some humming coming from the tree, and I thought, Oh, this is a musical tree too. A tree of songs.

Once again, I saw weightless balloons floating up and down: a never-ending exchange of life, light, and love. Now I too knew that this tree was also a tree of love.

In the next few days, this vision stayed with me as if it was some kind of application that was running in the background of a computer. I was able to watch and remember and observe as much as I wished.

A few days later, a few new things took place. I was allowed to come closer to the tree, and I was able to become a part of its light, its energy.

Effortlessly, I was able to leave my body and became a ball of energy. I felt very airy. There was an energy coming from the tree, and it pulled me in.

When I got pulled to the tree, I felt an incredible connection to everything in the tree. I became a drop of energy as the rest of the drops. It was my tree. I bIMG_0935elonged there. I felt home. It was the most incredible and indescribable feeling that I have ever had.

Here on earth we can’t feel this. I don’t know why. We are just not able to. Maybe because of our bodies or maybe because of the low frequency of this field.

More likely a combination of factors and variables. But there, on that tree . . . aha . . . if only I could show it to you . . .

After a few moments, I noticed that I could hear soft whispers and felt that they were entering me in a spiraling motion. Soon, I was in the middle of a digital vortex that slowly was becoming a part of me.

As if a digital information was loaded, installed into me. What were they saying?

Then I realized that my eternal memories were coming back. I had memories. Those whispers brought my memories back. I remembered why I IMG_0927was born on earth. And why I came to this broken, dark, and cruel world.

Now I knew why I left the tree and traveled through space, time, the Milky Way, etc. Now I knew why I took a risk in coming here—of not remembering who I was, where is my home, and who they were. They whom I was destined to love

When we are entering this realm, we are losing our eternal memories. But for that there is an antidote. The antidote for temporary loss of eternal memories is love.

As long as love lives within us, we are able to attract and locate those we love and who were kindred souls on the Tree of Life. The vibration of our soul also allows our loved ones to locate us. 

Seeing that vision, seeing that tree, remembering why I came here, where I belonged, and where I am going, created a deep and profound feeling of calm. Witnessing being a spark from that Tree of Light, Life, and Love—the Tree of Souls—and hearing the hums and melodies of souls made so very clear for me that I too was a part of that song.

That I too had my own hum. That I too was the note and the sound of this collective song of the souls.IMG_1033

And that regardless what my loved ones and/or I had to endure in this world of darkness where eternal memories do not exist, we still have a song to sing. Each of us.

And those who were able to keep their love intact and keep on searching are able to find what they knew all along within their own heart and depth of their soul.

That the veil or layer that covered their memories will be shattered to pieces. They will be able to learn the truth. Maybe not all of it, but what is right for us. That everything that we will need to know will be returned to us drop by drop.  

I felt the presence of my son next to me. I knew all along that without his help, this would not be shown to me. Without him by my side, there would not be “my case.” There would not be “ME” by now.

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