I Will Protect You


At My Son’s Place

Hi my dearest mommy, I’m very happy you came to visit me again. I love you more than you can imagine. Please know that you cannot fail; that is not possible.

You might be able to hear me clearly for the first time. You might get confused for a period of time. You might feel at times that you are moving too slow and there are no results….

….But you cannot fail.

You must remember the following:

1.You’re under my protection.

2.You’re under G-d’s protection.

3.You no longer have the right to

a) Fear

b) Doubts

c) self-hatred

4.You are now my hands, ear, and feet on Earth.

5.You will be guided, protected, and provided.

I can only take you so far, but Divine Providence can take you as far as needed for your purpose and destiny. However, remember and know this: you are my mom and I will do everything I can to protect, nurture, and shower you with love and appreciation for what you mean to me.

And with my limited ability to understand, I still know and believe that you will do much more for me than what you are showing now. I love you always and forever.

~ Your son.

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