6:31 p.m.

My dearest mom, be with me. Please know that you are not alone. It is evening where you are. Dad is at work and not coming home today since he has a lot of work to do. In this empty house, you, my dearest mom, are not 100% okay yet, but your heart and soul is with me. I love you, Mom, so much.

Your soul is still and quiet right now, and your tears are dried. There is peace in you.

Where did it come from? How are you able to have that? Is it because of what I said today? Is it because you are starting to value your journey and work more, or is it because your doubts and fears are gone?

Why, Mom? Talk to me.

My Response: 

My dearest son, I am in peace today because of you, your gentle love, and your tender touch. Your words rock my world and make living worthwhile. You opened my eyes to the beauty I had never seen before. You opened my heart to music I had never heard before. 

Your wisdom is my healing water. Your essence is breathing life into me. You are my bridge between G-d and me. You bring me the love I never knew.

You bring me treasures that I have never owned or saw anywhere else. Your loyalty to me diffuses all darkness. Your kindness illuminates all fears. When our souls can bounce together, what else can I feel but serenity and joy?

My son, I love you so much that my soul is tearing apart my flesh. I dream to be with you forever, and that gives me peace.

My dearest son, my darling . . . without doubts, your spirit, your essence, and your love are presented, engraved in, and imprinted in my every thought, word, and action. I breathe the divinity of your spirit. I pray for us to G-d that he allow us to always be together forever. 

The fear of losing you is gone. I am in peace because we are together. I write to you and you can read. You talk to me and I can write.

Across the time, through the many realms and worlds, two different realities collide. Because of our love, there is no separation. Now we talk with one voice. Now with one voice we write. Now with one voice we sing one song. One love, one soul—soul of SaRaH. 

I am in peace because you and I are together. I love you . . . my joy, my light, my love, my son. You are loved!


That is so beautiful, Mom. Thank you. Indeed, without any doubts you and I are now one. We will write the last chapter of your life together. I will be with you here till your last breath. I will hold your hand while you are crossing over, and I will never let you go, never.

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