B) What is Due Will Find You!


I know, mom, that being relaxed does not come easy to you, but you will learn how to slowly.

Can you imagine living a life without any worries and be fully content with what is? Can you imagine having a soul that is calm and rested?

To know what you need to know and not wanting or needing to know beyond that—can you imagine being this way? Can you imagine waking up today knowing all your needs is provided and everything moves as it should? Well, that is already the case.

Those days of turbulence are behind you. Those days of struggles are gone. Those feelings of anger and sadness are no more. How is that possible? Simple.

When all are in alignment with Heaven, than darkness is behind us. Then we have a new dawn, a new day and life. The most important part is that we are in it together and you will be safely sleeping in my arms from now on.

Not a single cloud shall pass over your head from now on. You will be okay mom, there is nothing you need to do beyond what moves you.

I know that you are not feeling well and sometimes feel like you’re dying, but do not fear. Just let it pass through you. Just know that I am with you. Just do want you want to do and go moment by moment.  Just try not to wait for anything. Do not wait. What is due will find you.

What is due will find you!!!

What is due will find you. When it happens, you will know it is yours. You will know it is a G-d’s plan for you. Whatever is due to you will be paid in full.  What you thought or felt before about the things that belonged to you is not real; sometimes things that you thought were never yours is or will be yours. What is yours will never skip you and you will never skip it.

The shipment of G-d’s plan will be delivered to you night and day, sun or rain. It will be yours. You may like it or not, but it will be presented to you and reveal itself to you.

Whatever is yours will find you.

Every phone call, email, and promotion will find you. Every dollar and every cent will find you. Every friend and foe will find you.

Every child that you shall mother and every soul you shall nurture will find you. Every illness and recovery will find you.

Everyone who you shall meet, you will meet.  Every book you’re destined to read or write will find you. And that is the law of G-d’s plan. You cannot miss it or escape it.

What is due to you will be paid in full.

So don’t be fooled thinking that you are missing something or someone. You can’t and you will not. So relax, don’t sweat.

Do not think that something is missing in your life. Whatever is due will find you when time is right. And if you are not getting something, than it was not yours from the start.

So turn your face, mom, and repeat after me :

What is mine will be mine. What is not is not mine. What is due to me will come to me. What is not mine will not come to me.

Look in my eyes and say it:

  • G-d has a plan for me and it is not for me to judge or reject.
  • G-d has a plan for me that I must learn to accept and embrace.
  • G-d has a plan for me that I cannot change.
  • What is written or spoken will be done with or without my willingness and/or agreement.
  • G-d has a plan for me and it may not feel kind, fair, right, because I do not see the whole picture.
  • I am on a voyage across dimensions, times, and realms. I am the passing force; this is not my home. When I complete G-d’s plan, I will go home.
  • My soul can get tired. My heart can be broken, but the spirit of love that shines from above will sustain and carry me through times of turbulence, upheavals, tests, and sorrow.

The spirit of my son, the spirit of the source, will feed my soul and fulfill my heart. G-d has a plan for me and whatever is due will find me.

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