B) The Second Chair

Mom, the path of the actual journey is spread throughout the Desert of Death. You cannot get to the peak of the mountain by avoiding the Desert of Death.

Only through the path that lies on the other side of the broken heart can you find the location of the hidden door. The last few steps to the peak of the mountain can be taken only through that door.

 Only the hearts that kept the fireplace going can open the door.

We thought that we could write our own lyrics. We thought that we could have our own plan for life. We thought that we were somebody and that if we wanted to gain control, we could.

We thought all that, but we thought wrong.


Both mercy and anger are rooted in love for us.

Both hands are to be kissed, blessed, thanked, and acknowledged.

As one hand gives, another takes.

As one hand hugs, another spanks.

As one hand protects, another guards.

One love, two hands.

Both hands belong to mother and father’s love.

Feeling this love,

Knowing this love,

Trusting this love,

Is like sitting on one chair.

  • Zero Degree of Deviation prevents the existence of the second chair. The second chair represents the illusion of the physical world: the projection of fear, doubts, and false confidence. The second chair is a trap, full of emotional hooks, dependency, and limitations.
  • The second chair represents the lies we were told. The second chair is the loss of authenticity and integrity. The second chair are the phone calls we did not return, promises we broke, and the fear that eats us and takes away our soul.
  • The second chair is a confusing illusion and lie. The second chair does not have a soul and a connection to the source. The second chair is a projection of a confused mind.
  • When the mind aligns with the heart and soul, the second chair cannot exist anymore.
    And since the second chair is an illusion, then we never had two chairs. We just didn’t know how comfortable it would be to sit on one chair. That is why we keep falling down, thinking we are falling between chairs.
  • The truth is, we sit on the edge of one chair. When we learn to properly sit on one chair, then we stop looking for what is not there. Therefore we will stop falling down.
  • The issue is that unfortunately there are not many teachers that can teach us this phenomenal paradox. However if we keep searching for balance and truth, we can learn it on our own as well.
  • When we get tired of falling down, we will learn how to sit. We will be able to see the truth.
    It will take time and patience, but we will be guided. Whatever knowledge belongs to us will be given and delivered on time.


Note 1: When my son gave me the knowledge called Theory of Zero Degree of Deviation (ZDD, see Part 1) within a week of his shift, I was puzzled for months why he gave it that name. It took me several years to completely comprehend and embrace the fact that regardless how much is given to me by him, nothing will shift unless I act on it. The theory will remain a theory as long as it resides on the realm of ideas.

Let’s say I trust and think about the information given to me, but I do not act according to it. Then it loses its value. So people can have this information, but nothing will happen unless they actually act on it. But it’s freaking difficult to act on it. Do I know it?

I don’t know where you are at this moment, but in my case, my whole system was completely rewired as if my skeletal system was disassembled and reassembled again metaphorically speaking. Though my bones stayed the same, untouched, rearranged, but untouched, all the flesh was dissolved and was now given as a brand-new one due to the information provided to me. The knowledge that was given to me became my fascia. My second nature.

Yes! Yes! Yes! The idea, the information, the knowledge must become a myofascia (fascia) of our being that holds everything together. Just as the fascia of our physical body, it must become a supportive web, offering us such level of strength that we will be able to deal with anything that comes our way.

It was beyond painful and was a devastating process. How long does it take: four, five, eight years? I do not think that I am completely done even as I write these words now. It takes as long it takes. For each of us is a different path and a different number.

However, how long it takes is not as important as our constant moving forward. What truly needs to happen is a following within the process. It takes focus, will, and desire to follow the steps and to stay alive, then within time, you too will be able to sit on one chair firmly and content.

Here, being “content” means that the new structure of the hard bones and soft flesh have embraced each other, and there is no more war within. There is no more sitting between the two chairs. When a new structure is created, there is peace within that takes its place. Because having an idea and living an idea are two different things. 

The evolution of the human soul has no limits. Yes, we all would like to achieve something in a more harmonious way, but unfortunately, that is not the case. The collective soul of humanity is ill and losing its light, because you cannot feed someone with an idea. If someone is hungry, he/she needs bread and soup. Not an idea of bread and soup.

Now we live in a world of ideas, detached and virtual. New norm. Never known before.

Receiving a text message on our birthday versus visiting someone and/or at least calling and hearing a real voice became a norm. Acts of kindness are replaced by lectures and conversations about kindness. The gap between ideas and following thought on an idea is getting larger and larger. “Thinking of you” is replacing “I am here with you.” 

That’s why my son kept on saying, “Do do do, act act act, on the theory.” So when I acted on the theory of ZDD, it became my life. 


Whatever knowledge belongs to you will be given and delivered on time. Learn how to sit on one chair. Choose a chair!

Note 2: This is one of the most important messages too. Why? It is essential to trust that whatever we need to know will be given, and that will guide us.

How many times have I hung in the space of unknown? How many times have I been suspended in the air not knowing where to put my feet? Too many to tell, too many to remember . . .

I had to resist the temptation to do something. We have to wait for guidance. We should never do anything out of desperation.


Mom, we covered a lot today. Take a break. Rest. And keep that vision of the place you saw behind that hidden door alive and vibrant. That is our place, mom. That is our sacred garden.

You shall come and visit me in this garden so we can work.

Our work will take place not in the Desert of Death but in the Garden of Love—in paradise.

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