Fear of Being Alone


My dearest mommy, once again you are losing focus. Once again, Fear-Based Mentality is taking over you and that is okay.  That only means that you are human and not a picture of perfection and that there is a lot of work for you.

1 .First let me be clear. The Fear-Based Mentality is a mental stage that first and foremost suggests that you are not yet firmly sitting on one chair—the chair of ZDD as I mentioned before.


2. It points out that you are soaked with the fear of the environment around you: TV, social media, people, etc.  The pool of collective energy, fear, and anger are not for you. As you can clearly see, it’s polluted. So try not to read or listen or be in contact with those sources that may become stressors in your current life.


3 .You need to remember that you will be shifting back and forth for a while, and that is okay. The time you spend in Fear-Based Mentality will recede and the existence of that reality will stop.


4 . Let’s talk about the fear you developed after my shift: the Fear of Being Alone.  I want to make something very clear here. You never were and never will be alone. That is just not possible. Not only am I always holding your hand, but the others are here too. Your fear comes from the need to have humans next to you. Let me ask you this. Make a list of people you want to see and be around. How many are there? Who are they? It is not only about people. It is all about my brother, my dad, and me. Well in that case, I am as close as I can be and nothing more can be done.


5. So, what is left? What is left is that you and I need to work more and move our project forward. And here I depend on you and your ability to work. When we work together, there is no room for you to work alone. With that, leave everything to Divine Providence and make your day so intense with work that you will have no time for worrying. If you cannot work, you cannot work. If you cannot move, you can’t move. If you can’t write, so you can’t write. Ask the Divine Hand to move you, heal you, and inspire you. That is all that you need.


6. In the end, the less you expose yourself to fear, the better. The more you can move the body, the better. The more you can write, the better. The more you can make yourself focus, the more will happen.


7. Yes, the shift from a full house to an empty house is not only heartbreaking, but also tremendously challenging.  So give yourself a break. Do write with me daily. Have time with me daily and you will feel much better.

I love you. I watch over you.

~ Your loyal son.

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