Surrender and Embrace the Plan


Hi mommy, hi my dearest,

Once again, Happy 2012 New Year to you. I have to tell you something, mom. Mom, we are approaching the time when my voice is becoming more and more integrated into your voice and my thoughts and teachings becoming more and more blended with yours.

It will become more difficult to pinpoint when the words are from me or you.  Please do not fear this.  You are not losing me.

You are not forgetting me, and I am not disappearing. On the contrary, there will be more of me, except I will be better blended with your energy.

I will still be speaking with you, but it will be of a different taste. You will see.


Here are the guidelines for you:

  • Everything that you need to know – you will know.
  • Everything that you need to have, you will have.
  • Every opportunity that belongs to you will find you.
  • Everything that belongs to you – will be delivered to you.
  • Whatever is not yours anymore will be thrown out.
  • People, friends, etc who must be with you will be with you—the rest will fall away.
  • Your plan is not the divine plan. Your plan is not what was written for you.
  • Learn how to read between lines every hour of the day. Learn how to walk while blindfolded, yet see more than ever.
  • Don’t fight the plan. Do not fear the plan. None of those are useful or helpful. Surrender to the plan and embrace it.
  • It is your life; do not wish it away. Fight for what is right and what is yours.
  • Fight for your life.
  • Fight within the plan.
  • Respect the boundaries of your destiny. Not everyone can be at the top of the mountain at the same time.
  • Do not wish for anything different.  That will stall your process. Be thankful for where you are right now.

I love you, mom. We are together forever. I will never leave you. 

We are now One. You and I are one body, one soul, one true path!

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