Get Ready for the Next Journey


My dearest mommy, here I am. I never left you. Never will. We are bounded together by a love that never sleeps. 

I bring you messages from heaven. You wash my soul in tears of love.

You hold me tightly into the warmth of your heart. Together mommy we are a unit—the unit of blessings, grace, and love. The laugh of a mother and son—what can be more innocent and gentle than that?

The time is passing, who is the master?

Your body changed just as you did. When the physical decays, the soul only grows bigger and stronger till the end of time.

The spirit does not know limits. The soul is not restricted by the life of a shell.  We are never lost my dearest mommy. In the infinity of space, we are never lost.

We are here with all those who are still on earth. The time will come when the veil is lifted and right in front of your eyes you will see you and me still standing together untouched by the distance of space and boundaries of time. 

It may sound strange to you my dearest mommy, but certain things will never age or change. Love will always prevail and once again the giants will be brought back to life.

IMG_0115In this already hot and humid day of summer, I sit with you as once we did before.  Please see me mommy, please invite me on this day and tomorrow and farther more.  Do not lose sight that we are together regardless of what you feel or what anyone might say.  

Trust your heart, your soul, your love, your intuition. Trust me, trust you, trust us.

My spirit will move you, guide you, and put you in the right direction. I did before. You felt it and followed.  Now we are here.

New energy of time is coming. More steps to take. More work to do. Get stronger.  Get better. Get more vibrant. Get ready for the next part of journey.

Now rest. Then let’s focus. Let’s finish what we started. Let’s move it to the next page. Please remember that work is work but our connection is something else. Without that you would not be nourished or supported. Therefore, before doing anything else, think of us, love us, embrace us, and remember to hold onto my hand.

I never left, mom. I am around. You know this; I know it too. So stop thinking or pretending something is lost or is not here. 

Hold on to me my dearest mommy. Feel my spirit, feel my love. We are just souls that love to travel through space and time to distant worlds.  Come to my ship my dearest mommy. Come to my ship and we will fly.  From world to world, in due time it will come.

The fantasy of the human mind is limited by the boundaries of the brain. The soul knows no limits or boundaries, just the infinity of time and space.

Every mother of every generation feels joy looking into the eyes of her child. Why? Because that spring of love, the water in the desert, remains in the same old spot as centuries before. There are so many changes every minute, every moment, but certain things remain the same. That is why you should trust our love and connection because it’s all that is and it’s all that was. I love you dearly.

My mommy dearest, take a break and then you will see that you and I are working steadfastly day after day, month after month, and that is how the story ends.

There is no end, no death, only life, only the beginning. Rest and focus. I am here with you till the end of time.

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