The Cosmic Ocean Of Our Destinies


You see my dearest mom, as I said, whatever belongs to you will be delivered to you. Look you have an amazing new mattress, wonderful bedding, and great doctors, etc. They just walked into your life. The wave of the cosmic ocean brought that to your shore.

Do you see it? As we travel throughout our lives in the cosmic ocean of our destinies, what belongs to us is brought to shore. It also removes what doesn’t serve us anymore, sometimes as a warm and soft goodbye and sometimes as a wild destructive wind.

The ocean of our destinies does not always have calm waters for peaceful sailing.

We don’t always see or appreciate what is given and/or taken from us. In most cases, we are just blind. We act on what we know, but we truly cannot see what is what.

That is why Zero Degree of Deviation is so important. If you integrate my energy and my teachings more into your life, then you will see much deeper and clearer.

Please do not fear your dreams and visions, especially right now. You are going through a challenging time and your physical body is doing a lot of work. That affects everything else.

It also brings up old memories and old pain–the pain that was stuck inside you. Yes, yes, and yes, your body needs to be rewired, not fixed.

It will take time and you need to be patient. If you cannot walk, then don’t. I will tell you what to do and when.

Whatever belongs to you will be delivered to you. Whatever does not belong to you anymore will be taken away.

There is order in the Universe. The way you change or move your furniture is the same as when your energy gets reorganized, shuffled, or shifted.

Do not fear my dearest mom, do not fear. I will protect you and guide you. Now is not a time for actions or deeds. Now is a time for Reflection, Reorganizing, Rewiring. Now is a time for healing.

Do not look around and do not compare yourself with others. Others are neither your concern nor your margins. They cannot serve as benchmarks.

Your life runs on a different cycle and different timeline. There is no “should” or “should not’s.” You are exactly where you should be. You are exactly where you belong. Occupy this space more fully and be who you are.

Be more of us, you and me. Our energy will blend together. Do not miss me; embrace me!

I love you. I am here right next to you.

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