Remember To Fight For Your Life


Hi my dearest mommy, I am happy that you and I are speaking again. This connection with you is necessary for me. I reside in your thoughts and heart. The only thing I know is that you have a lot of questions in mind again and I, once again, need to share something with you. Before I start, I must tell you a few things.

  1. It is amazing that over and over again, you put your life on the line.
  2. You are not shying away from challenges. You know your capabilities, but you still need to get well and collect your strength.
  3. You need to collect your strength and start to work with more focus.
  4. You need to start to choose people who will add their energy to yours, join you, and be supportive of you.
  5. You also need to stay away from relationships that are based on blaming others.

Since we have shown you what those relationships are, now you can recognize them really quickly.

Remember our project is about waking up souls so they can have what we have: a divine connection. The book you will publish is about establishing everlasting connections of love, trust, and truth. Now let’s focus on you. Let’s give you directions and the proper set of mind.

Things to Remember:

  • You are under my protection. You are under G-d’s protection.  You have nothing to fear.
  • G-d has a plan for you; the book of your life is resting on his lap. He will write a new chapter for you.
  • Keep your soul plugged into the divine source of love. Keep your energy out of the realm of illusions and darkness.
  • Treasure your life. Respect your work. Love yourself. Protect your soul. Keep your heart whole. Stand up. Speak up. Do not give up what is important to you.
  • Do not give up on yourself. Fight for your life—the life that has been given to you by G-d. Fight for the life that has me, my brother, and my dad in it.  Fight for it, fight for it, fight for it.
  • You’re not alone. We are your family in divine form and we are here for you. We are watching over you with love.
  • Hold my hand. Do not let it go. Remember me. Listen to me. Speak to me. You have me. You will always have me everywhere and anytime.

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