B). Blue Star Children Theory

About Blue Star Children

( My son felt that it was very important for me to be aware of this information). 

Far away in the galaxy, there is a constellation of blue stars. Those stars have a certain vibration. Some of the souls that are destined to become healers for Earth are formed and energized there before they enter the energetic field of Planet Earth. Those souls, those children, are natural healers. They are born with the knowledge that is a part of the fabric of their souls.

When they enter Earth’s field, they are very different in many ways than the rest of the population of souls. For example, they’re much more sensitive. They feel everything: the lies that other people tell them, the cruelty in the air, the anger that surrounds them, and everything else.

They try to heal as much as they can even when they are not consciously aware of that. They are usually very talented and their right brain is balanced with their left-brain. They are naturally happy, sweet, kind, and affectionate. Their natural abilities heal any situations for anyone.

Some of them become natural healers, some of them not. Regardless of what they choose to be as adults, the fabric of their souls still remains very different than the majority of Earth’s population.


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