“The Science of Life”


How did you sleep? I was with you all night and I am going  to be with you all day. Everyone else in Heaven who you knew are watching over you. G-d is always with you and he loves you.

You are not alone; we are together

I understand that to do your daily routine is very difficult for you. You, however, need to make very small steps. You need to do them every day. Do not fear anything my dearest mommy. Just protect yourself and your health.

You need to eat right and take regular walks.

Everything will be fine. Most importantly, you have to trust me. I never lied to you and now I’m telling you the truth as well. Trust me, trust God, and trust what you hear and what you write.


Mom, I’m proud of you. You are so disciplined. You are much stronger than other people I knew. So as you can see, everyone has his or her own weaknesses and strengths. Your weakness, mom, is that you think you need someone in order to create something and to do something.

Mom, you don’t need anyone else. You only need G-d’s love and strength and your faith in him. What you are writing right now are my teachings called “Science of Life.”

The “Science of Life” means that everything that is created and functioning is energy-based. Anyway, in your case, mom, you have difficulty holding that energy long enough to produce results for yourself. You’re giving that away and in the wrong way as well.

You know I love you very much, so allow me to show you how to mend your mistakes.

  • You must learn how to a) build b) maintain your energy.
  • The knowledge that I am giving to you is energy. Keep it inside. Let it be built. Then put it on paper and save it till the time is right.
  • Being with people is different then needing them. You mom, need a very strong trust in G-d. You almost have that, but almost is not 100% and that will put in you trouble.
  • You must take charge in your life. You must trust that you can do anything that must be done.

You see mom, G-d will provide for you but you must provide your loyalty to G-d.  And with that you must take charge in your life.  You must trust that you can do anything that must be done.

That was always the most difficult part for you. Mom, listen, your happiness must depend on your own light and energy. Keep it to yourself. Be strong. Do what you feel is right. Do not look around. 

Do not allow anyone to pull you down.

That is the most important science than anything else. Be self-managed by the Divine Providence that is inside you. You know you will feel much better when you have that.IMG_0848

I know you can connect to Divine Providence and to me in a very special way. All your life you have been intuitive and psychic. Still, you must do other labors too.  

Regardless of how many gifts you have, you must do other labors. You cannot only rely on your gifts. If you want to be independent and free, you must learn how to stand on your own. And when you cannot do anymore, you will.

Do not wait for anyone to come and help you. Ask me, ask G-d to help you. Everything that you need, you need to ask and then you must trust that if that is right for you, it will be given to you.


More on the Science of Life:

  • The main thing is that you really need to do now is to create your own life. Do what is important for you regardless of if it is important to anyone else.
  • Now, especially now, create a new direction for yourself, a new vision.
  • You want to work with me? That is great, however, that is work. How about fun and joy? You always loved music. Use my iPod, listen to my music, and it might become yours too. You may find your own tunes.
  • You want to be close to G-d, great. Find a way to do so. Write to him. Talk to him. Do what is important for you. Write what is important for you. So, the “New Science of Life,” mom, is all about going deeper and deeper within and building the “steel of the soul.

Make a slate of blade, sharp and long, and cut out any illusions that are there. Cut out what stands in your way. That sheer trust is an essence of that “steel.”

That is what the “steel of the soul” is made of—trust and bond with Divine Providence.

  1. I am with you all the time as you would be for me.
  2. Divine Providence is with you all the time.
  3. All your divine family upstairs is with you too.
  4. I am in the arms of G-d.

All of us are around you and sending our love and support for you and praying to G-d to give you strength to walk and to rebuild and recreate your life again.

Hold onto the “steel” of your soul and your bond to Divine Providence. Wait. Trust. See. Hold.

And new life will emerge where the old life decomposed. Wait for the miracles.



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