C). “What does Truth have to do with G-D?”


This will be the last lesson for today. The objective of this lesson is :  “What does Truth have to do with G-d?”

First – let’s define “Truth.”

  • Truth is —Knowledge of what is right, accurate, and factual.
  • Truth is —what “is” and what “was” at any given time.
  • Truth is not a concept or perception or belief system that is true, correct, or agreeable to an individual or a group.
  • Truth is a matter that is chosen to be seen, heard, and accepted.
  • Truth is something that cannot be changed and it will survive through all times even if it is hidden, because something will always come up in the end.
  • Truth is not a matter of convenience. It is the pathway of someone to a true journey.

Second -Let’s define the relationship of G-d to Truth.

G-d sees the truth and hears the truth. He gives strength to truth. G-d lives through the channels of truth.

What is “truth” to G-d?

  • Truth is a short cut to Divine Providence
  • Truth is a vessel for reaching Divine Providence
  • Truth is the rainbow that connects us to reality
  • Truth is the steel of the soul that keeps us solid during the tornadoes of life.
  • Truth is the bone of the spine that allows us to walk our journey.
  • Truth is a seeing eye that guides us through the smoke and a fog of illusions.
  • Truth is a highway to G-d’s castle.
  • Truth is the sword and the blade that cuts out all limitations of the soul.
  • Truth is our essence and the genesis for our beginning.
  • Truth is the most solid version of you.
  • Truth is a bloodstream of love, compassion, and joy.
  • Truth, compassion, love, and joy make up G-d’s family and lives in the house of G-d called Trust.

That is the essence of the relationship between Divine Providence and Truth. What connects them all together is the free will of humans.

“Free will”- is a hand that turns the key called “Integrity”. Therefore, if we as humans want to unlock any past or present mysteries, we just need our “free will” and our “integrity” and then nothing will stand in the way.

That is all for today. I love you and I am around you.


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