“Find the Strength to go back to your Old Routine”

11:35 am

Please don’t lose hope and faith that G-d is with you and that he loves you and is doing everything that is right for you and your soul. It’s very difficult for me to see your sorrow and grief.

Therefore, please mom, try as often as you can, be in the Zero Degree of Deviation mindset. If you do that, you will have more strength.  I love you very much and I have so many feelings for you. I would give anything right now to see you smiling.

It’s very difficult for me to see your sorrow and grief. 

9:08 pm

My dearest mom, I am with you; I can hear you. Divine Providence can hear you too. We did not leave or abandon you. It is very important for you mom, to continuously have faith and continuously speak with Divine Providence and me. It is also very important for you to find the physical strength to go outside, exercise, and IMG_0837eat right again.

“Jack in the box” mom, really? Come on, mom that is not your thing.  Please go back to your routine.  I understand that the changes that took place in your life is not easy to digest, but they are necessary for the growth of our soul.  

Remember, Zero Degree of Deviation is a very important work.  It is very important.  We have to do this, mom; we have to.  So slowly build yourself up and let us do our work.  I’m always around you remember that. 

I also miss you very much.  When you start to feel a little bit better, I will once again give you more information. 

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