“Am I dead or Am I alive? Choose…”


My dearest, mommy, I see how you are tired. I feel sorry for you and it is painful for me to watch you suffer. No one can pull you out of this state of mind. Only you can. When I say no one, I mean the people around you.

You can be around people, and you need to be around people, but they cannot help you. Only Divine Providence can and will help you. Angels can and will. Everyone here in Heaven will help. They can help you mom, to help yourself.

That is basically how it goes. You can be happy or sad, joyful or in sorrow. It doesn’t matter because no one cares or can change it for you.

You have to make a choice on how you want your life to be and stick to it.

I know that I’m telling you the basics that you once told me. But what else can I say? You were right. But can you or will you do it? Mom, talk to me.

“My dearest son, what can I tell you? You are not here.”

How can you talk to me that way? How can you tell me that I don’t exist? If you of all people think and act as if I’m not here, then what about other people?


By the way, if I’m not here, to whom are you talking to right now?

No, no, no, tell me: if I’m not right next to you; if I’m gone; if I left or died, then whom are you talking to?


No, we’re not going to move any farther till you tell me who’s talking to you now. Who’s words are you writing down right now? And what about when you talk back to me?

Here it is mom, you have to choose no:

 Am I dead or am I alive? Am I gone or am I here?

Do you still have a son or is he gone?  That is your choice, mom! Choose that!  Make peace with that!  Then we will talk or not!!!

You must know for yourself about the voice in which you’re hearing. That is all for now.

The point is, I cannot be both dead and alive.  You have to choose which reality you are going to live in. Choose!!!



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