A). “Tasting G-d”


Hi my dearest Mom. I love you and “yes” – we are One. Today will be more on Science of Life .

Objective of the Lesson: Tasting G-d.

How can one taste G-d?

Let me tell you what have been happening for centuries. For centuries, rabbis, priests, and such have said, “We have access to G-d. We are the chosen one. We are the one who can hear him, see him, feel him, and taste him. We will be the middle men between you peasants and him Almighty.”

Then someone would say, “I too want to taste G-d, but I don’t feel it.” The answer was and is : “You’re not there. Your soul is not at that level”.

Then someone will come and say, “I feel G-d, I taste him, and this is what I see.”

The priests and etc will say, “That is not true.”

Then they want to “burn” them. They did that before and they are doing that now. Most of those who consider themselves “special” do not take the responsibility to  teach about G-d in G-d’s way, which is to teach openly and freely.

“Hear,” they say, chewing on a strawberry, “hear now how strawberry taste.  It’s a little bit crunchy, sweet, with a sour taste in the middle and juice that is refreshing.”

They want all the students and other people who come to their table to watch them and imagine how the strawberry might taste based on their own taste and their own descriptions.

The problem is not that most of them do not have enough skills, gifts, or sensitivity to tastes the strawberry in all its notes to  give an accurate description.

That problem is : that the priests will not offer a fresh strawberry to everyone else. They are not assuring everyone that everyone who wishes can have strawberries too.

Of course -Everyone has his or her own taste and description. That is what they fear.

They fear that when the people try the strawberries, they will not be liked, accepted, wanted, or eaten. After all, forbidden food is tastier and more desirable.

They forget that strawberries can be offered once or twice, but then you must labor for it. The more you labor, the sweeter and more delicious and precious the fruit will become.

Labor and labor and labor, pouring sweat over the strawbery field. Then, we will treasure every bite and try to slowly dissolve it in our mouths.

This – is a true heavenly gift.  Only then, the nectar of that fruit will fulfill the needs of our body, nurture and heal our body, and cure the hunger.

That is how our relationship with G-d is and how it should be truly built. That is how someone can taste G-d, his love, his compassion, and drink the nectar and feel his presence in every single cell inside the human body and divine soul.

The assignment for this lesson is the following:

  1. Find a teacher who shares strawberries, gives freely and willingly.
  2. If strawberries are not offered to you – take it. Bite it and try it. Be proactive.
  3. After you have tried one, labor and labor to grow your own.
  4. Learn how to grow and nurture your field. Love your land where strawberries will grow. Then trust that all your labor, all your love, all your patience, in the end, will bear the fruit.
  5. Trust that you will have so much harvest that not only will you be able to feed yourself and your family, but also everyone else that may come to your table.

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