No Vendetta, Please

9:06 a.m.

Mom, everything that happened to me is not your fault. Everything that happened to me is not your punishment.

Everything that happened to me is not an accident. Nothing happened to my soul.

I know you would not want to hear or trust this and I know that anyone in the physical world would throw this message away.

Note: He then described in detail what exactly happened with the accident. He showed me how he saw everything from above. He explained the whys and hows and showed me the entire plan. He answered every question that I had and did not have.

However, please be aware. Knowing itself does not really do anything as suffering continues. At least in my case, it still did not relieve my pain or made it all “okay.”

He asked me to forgive the drunken woman who hit his car. He asked me not to press any additional charges and not get involved in legal battles.

I followed his instructions. It would have been easier for me to go the vendetta route. I still hope that maybe she stopped taking drugs and drinking alcohol, and maybe she made something more positive out of her life.

They were of similar age. Only my son chose the path of a productive life and was working that day. She and her underage sister were walking a path of “fun and party” that is so supported and promoted in this culture.

During the hearing in the court, I saw their parents. I came only once.

I looked at them and was thinking, “Why are you okay with your young daughters driving around under the influence of alcohol and drugs . . . in the middle of the week . . . in the middle of the night? What kind of parents are you? How can you sleep at night?”

Of course there is no answer for that.


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